Strange hearing loss problem?


Hello folks,

I would be very grateful for any advice on what is to me a strange hearing loss problem.

Up to a few weeks ago my hearing in both ears was to me normal. A hearing problem has developed in my right ear now, some hearing loss and I have this strange problem where If I am listening to a sound such as a tv or baby making noise say a few metres away I can hear the tv or other sound in my right ear as if I have a earpiece in my ear.

In other words I can hear the sound from where its coming from but I an also hear it localised in my right ear as well as if the sound source is located there. It is garbled a lot but a very strange strange sensation to experience.

I am going to get my ear syringed by a practice nurse on Tuesday and I am taking drops to soften wax if it is indeed that.

Any advice would be very gratefully appreciated.

Thank you



I would say go to a doctor, an ENT doctor, before you treat it. And go now just in case it is something where time matters.



Have you gone to an ENT yet? If not you should make an appointment.



Thanks for replies everybody. Well I went to the practice nurse and there is no wax in my right ear so next stop my doctor who will not doubt refer me to hospital for an ear checkup.

If I could, could I sort of restate my first post for some more advice as it will help me and thank you for your patience.

1 Say if you have moderate hearing loss in one ear only and you are listening to tv, can you hear the tv volume at a low level in affected ear which seems quite distinct from the normal loud tv volume that you hear in your good ear. This is the problem that I find the most irritating.

2 is it normal to sort of grieve for lost hearing as I seem to be doing particularly as I feel that I could well be partly to blame due to using power tools and lawn mower?

3 as I have fairly poor eyesight and use powerful spectacles for reading computer etc which probably come off and on at least a dozen times a day, do you think this could create problems with a behind the ear aid which is the main one offered On the NHS in UK?

Thank you very much for your kind help as this hearing problem has been a big shock to me.




Most people will go though the 5 stages of grieving for their hearing loss: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and finally Acceptance. I don’t think your glasses will cause problems with the HA, you will quickly adapt to taking them on and off without any problems. I hope everything works out for you, good luck!



I am 56 years old. My hearing has been declining for many years. I took care of my mother (with alzheimer’s) for the past ten years and so i put off doing anything until now. Anyway, my recent hearing test, of which I do not understand much of is as follows:

             250  500    1k    2k    3k    4k    6k    8k

RT 65 65 60 55 50 55 50 35
LT 55 60 55 50 50 55 40 35

SRT: BC: unaided discrimination
RT 55 75 @ 2k RT 92% 80 db
LT 50 75 @ 2k LT 92% 75 db

Tympanometry and acoustic reflex tests
ECV: 1.24ml / 1.28
MEP: na / -10
SC: 1.0 / 0.26
GRAD: 1.0 / 0.48
TW: 1.0 / 110

Results: SAL test to estimate air-bone gaps because of masking dilemma. Audiometry shows bilateral mixed hearing loss. Tympanometry shows no mobility in the right ear and low mobility in the left ear.

Acoustic responses
are absent. Word recognition is good.

I currently have a hearing aid on my better ear (at my request while I waited 2+ months to see ENT). Audiologist will give one for other ear if too much time lapses betw seeing the referral doctor. As she clearly can tell I have difficulty hearing in the “real” world.
ENT said hearing aid and or surgery but referred me to a Doctor who does the recommended surgery. My brother has otosclerosis and they are leaning in that direction. Based on my test result do I in fact appear a likely candidate for this surgery?