Still trying to adjust settings

Okay, so I went to the audi to adjust some settings so that I would have a more balanced hearing experience.

As I had predicted the low frequencies in my right ear had been set much higher then the left which didn’t make sense but hey she dipped it down some and cranked the left up some balance it out.

She also adjusted the “Global Compression” which I thought would solve my mic issues, but it didn’t.

I have those automatic mics and whenever I am in a car or some kind of thing that has a constantly humming, the mics minimize it which is great, however, should something rub my right ear or ear tube, I get a kind of “woosh” effect. Can’t explain it. And since it only happens on my right side, it drives me nuts LOL!

So I am going back Monday morning so she can check the mic and compression settings since today we focused more on the frequencies.

I hate it that I am so picky!

I have no experience with your problems but I feel like I’m picky when it comes to how my HAs are set!

Well, I am glad that I am not the only one who is picky

it is okay to be picky!!! better picky than to have the hearing aids crammed in a drawer where you don’t use them!

Absolutely! Nothing like the ever-popular ITD hearing aid or ITP. (In the drawer, in the pocket).

Perhaps see what the 20dB gain settings are on. If the HA is hearing a very soft sound like rubbing up against the receiver, it might be zeroing in on that and bumping the volume up resulting in that “whoosh” sound.

Just a thought.

This makes sense:-)

Is there also away for her just to copy and paste all the settings from my left ear over to the right ear? LOL! My hearing loss is so close in both ears.

I think so, but sitting at home I can’t remember how to do it…There should be an option in a drop-down menu towards the top that allows for copying of settings from ear to ear.

I may have her do this since my loss in both ears is practically identical. See this is what happened years ago. I got these aids and the right one was defected only we didn’t know right away because at the time of the fitting there was construction work going on. I was complaining of hearing background noises. She adjusted it to minimize it.

Then once we figured out that the hearing aid had a defect, we replaced the aid with a new one (on warranty). I have a feeling those settings that she did were never undone.

I have a different audiologist now so there is no way of knowing for sure that those noise settings were undone.

All I say is that when this is all over, my audiologist should be canonized LOL! I am such a pain, but being I am a musician, I am so sensitive to these things.

Yea you can or at less you can on the Target Software.

Target Software?

New Phonak Software. Not sure what your Phonak aids are programmed on, either iPFG Software or Target Software.

Well, I got my aids almost 4 years ago so I don’t know.

I know that there has been some discussion of people who self program their own hearing aids. How much does it cost to get all that equipment. I imagine it costs more than the hearing aids themselves?

Your aid would be using the iPFG software then. Target software came out 2011 I believe.

Its costs a lot to get all the equipment to program HAs but not as much as the HAs itself.

How much are talking here? LOL!