Still not fitting perfect....Not sure what to try next

I have Sonic Charm Mini BTE with domes. I am having issues with the domes not staying seated in the ear canal. Initially my audi installed locks on them which did help out a lot. He also sent me home with larger domes to try out if the locks didn’t solve the problem. Like I said the locks were working ok. And if I sit quietly watching TV the domes stay put. But eating and talking seem to force them out of my ears a lot. I decided to try the larger domes this week. They seem to help a little more but they too work their way out of the canal. Then trying to get them back in is difficult as they are sticky with wax. I have also figured out that they seem to work better when my ears are a tiny bit wet. I know I know! I shouldn’t be putting them in wet ears. I shower in the morning. I dry out my ears as well as I can and wait until the very last possible second before I walk out the door before putting them in so that my ears are as dry as possible. Also talking on the phone seems to work the dome out as well.

So what is the next thing to try. Do they make stronger locks? I don’t think I can do any larger size domes. Also I read somewhere something about baby oil to lubricate the ear canal? But then I worry that would make them slip out easier.

The point of getting mini BTE is the luxury that no one can tell you have hearing aids. Well digging at my ears 20 times a day putting domes back in looks a little weird and draws attention to the fact that I have hearing aids.

The next step would be to try custom earmolds instead of domes.

When I first got my hearing aid, I was very much set against having a custom mold because I thought it would be way too conspicuous. I was basing that idea on custom molds I’ve see for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss, molds which often fill much of the ear. But today’s micro-molds are very, very discreet. Not only do people not see my hearing aid when I wear my hair up (the aid is the same colour as my hair), but they have no idea I have an ear mold. In terms of fit, I don’t think it could get much better than that.

I never could understand why everyone who has HA and spends well into the 4 figures doesn’t get custom fitted molds rather than off the shelf models! (spend the extra $100 if you have to). It’s like buying a $2000 suit and not having it custom fitted. If mine are any indication, they couldn’t possibly be more hidden than the off the shelf models - probably less so since they ARE custom fitted.

There are a number of factors to consider to solve this issue. The first being the tubes may be too short. With facial movements, jaw movements etc. the tubes may be pulling out of your ears as a result of these movements. Second, your ear canals may not be compatible with domes you are currently using. In certain cases, some people have small or large ear canals. As such, perhaps a smaller or larger dome might be useful. Lastly, if none of these potential solutions work for you, a custom solution may be in order.

Hope that helps.

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I will add my 2 cents to the mix, get a micro mold and the problem will probably go away. As for not seeing a HA, I have come to the conclusion that you could wear almost a banana behind your ear and very few if anyone would notice. HA’s are not like glasses that everyone sees and notices, but go largely unnoticed because people don’t look at your ears when they are talking to you.

Saw the audiologist yesterday and he gave me the next size up in domes to try. He said if that doesn’t work then the next step is to try wearing the recievers with no domes at all. Let it free float in the ear. He also said we can try getting longer wires and finally he did suggest getting a micro mold done for a custom tip. I wore the larger domes today but had to yank the aids out around 10am this morning. My aids were really bothering me. My ears were getting sore. I’m not sure I will be able to handle these large domes.

Also as for seeing the aids…I really could care less if people notice them. I’m not really that vain. I just don’t want to draw extra attention to the aids by digging my fingers in my ears every 10-15 min to push them back in.

And finally my audiologist suggested that what I think is them coming out is really just where they are suppose to sit. I guess it was my impression and understanding that they should be deep in the ear canal with the wire laying flat against my head and down into the ear. When it starts to come out the wire is protruding out from my head slightly and it begins to create a slightly tickly/itchy sensation in my ear canal. IDK…maybe I am imagining that they are coming out and I am seating them too deep in the ear?

I would seriously recommend finding a new AuD.

Nope, the wire should lay flat against your head

The Receiver shouldn’t ‘float’ at all it needs to be positively located so the feedback calibration is meaningful.

There is an inexpensive solution to your problems on the internet at My wife and I have been using their ear molds for yrs. They are Custom DIY silicone rubber ear molds. We get a perfect fit without any slipping out of the ear or any soreness. The company name is HCPB and they have kits for all brands and types of behind ear hearing aids. Her ear canals are the smallest size dome and she has great satisfaction. She had surgery many yrs ago and has scarred canals that are very sensitive to everything else that we tried. And they are very inconspicuous. They are available in 3 basic skin colors.
I no longer use Open Fit aids, but use high gain digital aids with custom molds. They prevent feedback and can be modified to suit my loss. The RIC molds are 4 for $1777. The Regular molds are $24.77 or 2 tubes and 4 molds for $34.77 including free Priority, USPS. Unlike the Lucite, acrylic lab ear molds, they fit better, don’t feedback, don’t cause soreness and give us great hearing results.

As a new user of RIC aids I too had a little trouble with fit and let me say that I was being very picky about it. After trying a few different lengths of receiver wires and a few different size domes I’ve found a combo that’s fits well. My left ear is absolutely perfect with a standard 10 mm Siemens click dome and a #1 medium power receiver, the wire lays nicely against my head and it really feels like it’s not even there. The right ear with the same combo is not a perfect fit but it’s very close. If they made a 9 or 9.5 mm dome and the Audi would mix receiver wire lengths to a standard #2 receiver for the right, I think it would be perfect. Now as far as the dome moving out a small amount then seating, mine do that too. It’s not a lot but they do it and I don’t have issue with it. Seeing the difference my right and left side there’s no doubt that some people can’t achieve proper fit with off the shelf domes and this a real problem with RIC aids. My Audi helped me get the right combo but it wasn’t until I asked her to do it that she did so. She also didn’t want to make any modification to the shape of the receiver wire which I think should have be done on my right side.

I had a very similar experience a few months ago when I got my first trial pair, Oticon Alta Pro RITE. Chewing made my ears tickle and nearly drove me mad! The wire came away from the side of my ear, too. For various reasons, I decided to try Phonak Audeo V90, also with receiver in the canal. I have very small canals. The Phonak domes are a different shape from the Oticon and the wires are sized somewhat differently. The Phonak domes actually hurt! When the audi suggested that I put the Oticon domes on the Phonak HAs, that solved a lot of problems. The Phonak wire is shaped in such a way that it pushes the receiver into the canal for a tighter fit. The Oticon domes are a more rounded shape, and somehow, that is the combination that works for me. Now I can eat, talk, whatever, and the receivers and the wire don’t move. Mixing brands and shapes of just the domes is not a problem, according to my audi.

It is time to begin this process over with a new hearing healthcare professional.

Several people on this site over the years have found the same solution of putting Phonak domes on Oticon HA’s solved their problem of the receivers slipping out of their ears.

I had the same issue with slipping out and tickling which was driving me crazy, I have only had my HA’s for two weeks and today I returned to the VA for a follow up visit. I ask the audiologist if she could fix my issue, she installed a canal lock which I had to remove after a few hours. Being of the technical mind I decided to remove and place them both on a table and found that they were much different in shape. I gently re shaped the one that slipped and after two attempts I have not had an issue? Not sure how I’ll fair tomorrow but so far so good. Sorry for the long winded response…