Still having trouble in noisier places and low speaking people

I’m finding the aids to be very helpful but it’s still not ideal. Not sure if that’s just the best I’m going to get. Been back for several adjustments and they tell me that their very happy with fitting. Tried power domes but only helped a small bit. Would earmolds be something that could help me? I asked the audiologist and she thought I didn’t need to go that route. Not sure if my loss is bad enough as when I read online it seems they are used for more serious losses.

Love to hear from anyone that went through something similar or just has some suggestions . Thanks.

I’m not sure you will ever be totally happy with the hearing in noise. Maybe the old timers had something with the hearing horns? The problem is directionality. I find that just cupping my hand around my ears helps a lot.

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Hi Johnmurphy, I’ve tried both earmolds and domes and prefer earmolds for comfort and ease of hearing, especially in noise. I have normal low frequency hearing but things go steeply downhill from there. It’s a different loss than what you have, so my preferences may be quite different from yours.

You are going to have a hearing loss for a long time–maybe not always, given scientific advances, but it’s probably worth knowing what you like best. An experiment with earmolds vs domes would give you that information. For everyone the decision is very individual. It’s really hard to learn from another person’s experience. Speech in noise and soft voices are generally hard, period. I use different strategies beyond hearing aids, such as speech-to-text apps on my phone or captioning. Best of luck in your explorations, it’s good that you are optimizing how you want to live with your hearing challenges. Be assertive, it’s your ears!

Here is a good video about communication–it is geared to visual support, not to hearing aid tweaks. But it may still be useful for some folks or some situations (like tons of noise). It’s from the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


I tell people with mask on that if they want me to understand them they have to remove the mask, that shouting and screaming makes it even worse.


@Johnmurphy: For how many hours a day are you wearing your instruments? I find that this has a huge impact on my satisfaction with my HAs, as my brain relearns how to decode and interpret the amplified sounds it is unaccustomed to.

I avoided wearing a set of ill-programmed Unitron North Moxi Fit 800s for 6 years, not realizing that my brain hearing mechanisms would be adversely impacted. Since I started wearing Oticon Mores in early March, I’m averaging 16-17 hours a day of use.

But 52 days of regular use is nothing compared to the 2000+ days that my brain was deprived of adequate auditory stimulation: I have learned from this Forum that I must be patient while my auditory cortex rewires and reprograms itself.

I suggest that you may need to do likewise to derive greater satisfaction from your hearing devices.

Good luck with it!

Hi, wearing pretty much wake up to sleep.

Went and got a re-check two days ago. Dr. Basically told me (if I remember correctly) lowered the high frequency a touch and put me into size 12 domes. At first my voice sounded deeper and volume not as sharp but today I’m finding things to be a lot better. When I asked about molds - she mentioned it’s typically for a bigger loss but did say if I felt a difference with bigger domes but wasn’t totally convinced, we could try custom molds.

Anyone had the same experience???

Not sure I like the idea of visibility of molds but after getting used to hearing so much better I’m willing to possible try anything!!!


@Johnmurphy: I’m not expert enough to comment definitively on that, but I suspect that your hearing loss doesn’t oblige you to wear moulds.

Others will give you a much better answer.

I can give input on earmolds visibility. I try for that, so people have a visual cue that reminds them to help me hear. I even add colored tubing sometimes. And many times no one notices. I think at most these days it gets lumped with the cool ear buds look. If it enters awareness at all, that is. Even better, the clear ones are really hard to see. And some fit into the ear with very little exposed. You may have many choices for a discrete look, as it is called. You won’t need to be indiscrete like me.