Sticky topics staying at the top?


In the DIY forum, there are a few comprehensive and well-sourced topics that have a lot of very useful information.

These are stickied, but they don’t appear at the top of the topics list. They are down there somewhere, depending on the sort order, and not necessarily near each other, either.

As well, they are usually “read,” for me, and so the name of the topic is in grey (rather than black) text, which makes them even more inconspicuous.

One result of this, IMO, is that in that forum at least, people keep asking and answering the same questions. I think it would help a lot, especially for newbies, if these vital posts remained at the top of the list of topics.


The primary starting point of all of pvc’s continuing, outstanding information is PINNED to the top of the DIY list. Start there and you’ll find all of his links of his other major posts on the topic.
Also, NEW posts (to you) in threads should turn the thread black. I think. :slight_smile:


Okay I am getting “sticky” and “pinned” confused then. The ones I’m talking about – the ones with a picture of a push-pin – don’t appear at the top for me. They are way down there, only visible with some serious scrolling.

And because they aren’t “new” to me, their titles are in greyed-out text. Which IMO makes them stand out even less.


You don’t see the below when you go into DIY?

That is a nice find pvc. Snipping Tool then copy then paste into post.


@z10user2 you must be logged off to see those pinned topics.

Pinned topics do appear at the Top, when you first enter the Category. Then after you open it (and maybe read it) the pinned topic drifts down in favor of more recent topics.

Personally I find it easy to find pinned topics;

  1. Click the Hamburger icon (upper right next to your icon)
  2. Select a Category
  3. Do a high speed scroll down looking for the Pinned Icon Capture


But I AM logged in as evidenced by my avatar in the top right.


I just see the latest;




Wait. That didn’t work either, @pvc :frowning: Curious to know what you’re doing there, @z10user2

And yes I know you can scroll down and they’re not too hard to pick out. I’m thinking more of the new people who show up with questions, and just post them.

But maybe the best thing to do is to just reply with a link to the appropriate pinned post.


It’s hard to know what to do with newbies. I try forcing them to read. But it only works for a few who are inclined to absorb a lot of information. Nothing wrong with just pointing to the exact thing they want.


I don’t have that checkbox checked.
Edit second: Ok. Did a little reading and found that a new user would see pinned topics at the top. Then if they go in and read it then the pinned status changes (by default if they didn’t change the checkbox). As pvc said a few posts back that I didn’t clue in on.

Edit first before I figured things out more as written above: Since I’m still last poster…I think I’ve figured it out. I happened to hover over the little pin symbol and it said something about this topic being pinned “for me”. Hmm. I clicked on the pin and it flipped pointing up. Refreshed and away it went. Found it again and clicked it to point down. Refreshed. And it was back up top. Also if you read to the bottom of the thread then one of the buttons down below has the option of changing the status as well.

So yes. I would agree that a pinned topic (or sticky’d or whatever you want to call it) should actually be seriously pinned to the top.

While I’m here I’ll also hook @abram_bailey_aud and suggest that the little arrow showing up or down for whichever column the sort is on should always show. If at least when you hover over the clickable sort column.