Stethoscope Ear Tips for IIC for Physicians


I placed my stethoscope(Littmann 3100 Electronic) after receiving my Soundlens today, and I could hear better when I remove my hearing aids. What are the best stethoscope ear tips(brands which your physician clients have tried and worked) you can recommend for IIC hearing aids? My audiologist suggest Steth-o-mate(from Amazon), and before I purchase it I want to see if any audiologist out there suggested something different or any physicians have specific ear tips which work for you?


I use the soft tipped version from Littmans (don’t know what they call them) but I have RIC aids so I mute them to use my stethoscope and hear the low frequencies via my natural hearing without amplification.

Looking at the website the sound lens does not look very stethoscope friendly. You could also try a Thinklabs One stethoscope which can be used with various headphones if the stethomate eartips don’t work for you.


The great thing about Soundlens, is the company modified the sound accordingly that I do not get any feedback whenever I place my stethoscope. However, the sound level is drastically reduced, so I am assuming that the tips are not being placed on the microphone of the hearing aid. ThinkLabs looks highly promising for sure! But I am gonna try various sizes…maybe that will work. If not, then I will opt out for Stetomate. If that does not work, then ThinkLabs seems like my only option.

Thank you Psocoptera. :slight_smile:


I can use my stethoscope without feedback but if I don’t mute the aids microphones I get all the surrounding noise amplified and interfering with my hearing heart/breath sounds etc… Environmental noise is usually blocked by the stethoscopes earpeices fitting in my ears but RIC hearing aids bypass that relative noise blocking mechanism. Good luck and hope you find a good solution.