Stenosis of the external auditory ear canal

Hi, has anyone heard of this? I have it in both ears after having ear infections.

I have had a few patients with atresia/stenosis. Because of the narrow ear canal, I’ve always had to fit them with open fit behind the ear devices (since nothing will fit inside the canal). It’s a tough situation I know, but that’s all that can be done (amplification-wise) aside from cochlear implants, which most people will never be candidates for…

Thanks Mark. I have had surgery to remove the scar tissue but unfortunately within a month the ear restenosed. I have had surgery on both ears. I keep searching the net for any new techniques which may help in terms of aftercare following surgery eg ointments etc. One research paper I came across discussed the use of an earmould which prevented the scar tissue growing back. Are you able to advise on any research papers or any good medical journals?

Is it not possible to have a stent ring fitted to retain the dimensions of the canal? IIRC this was an option a few years ago for collapsing EAM.

It’s widely empirically established that a solid ear-mould puts pressure on the soft tissue of the canal resulting in larger ear-canals over time. It ought to be possible to get a couple of acrylic ones made that perform this function. I suggest acrylic as they can be kept really clean using alcohol swabs and their dimensional integrity is the best. Get the mould vented as large as possible too.

Many thanks Um bongo (great name). I have also read in an interesting paper by Seymour J Brockman about the use of merocel wicks following surgery and claims that this gives more than a 90% cure rate. Do you know anything about these wicks?

Sorry no, I’m not familiar with the method or the ideas involved. I’d suggest you speak to an ENT who has carried out lots of the procedure in question. Ask him/her about their personal success rate AND the long term efficacy of the procedure.

I don’t know where I read it but they are using a stent similar to ones they use in the Heart but larger to hold the ear canal open and I believe to enlarge it over time. I will look to see if I can find the article and let you know.

Thanks very much Seb. I would really appreciate it if you could find it. It is crazy that they can unblock an artery but can’t unblock my ear canal!

Thanks Um bongo for your help.

Just Google Stenosis of the ear canal and several sites talk about using stents to hold the ear canal open.

Thanks Seb. I have just googled it again and came across a more recent study (which I haven’t seen before) on a rabbit with canal stenosis and nitinol alloy memorial stent. I hope they find something that works in my lifetime!

Seb even I googled for “stents to hold the ear canal open” but could not find something useful. Please post the link when you come across the article again. It would be useful for one of my friends.

Google ear stenosis and stents and several articles come up. I lost the link I had saved on the earlier post. Good luck.

Hi Ruby
does your friend suffer from ear canal stenosis? Would be interested to know if they do and if they treatment varies from mine etc.

I have a horrible ear ache…I’m not sure if it’s swimmer’s ear or an ear infection. But I looked inside both my ears and the one that doesn’t hurt looks normal and fine.

Go to the doctor. How does one look into their own ears? or did you have someone else look for you?