Washington, DC - The Hearing Industries Association (HIA) released data for 2007 indicating that BTEs are the most dispensed style of hearing aids. Overall, 2,425,219 devices were dispensed during 2007, a 2.32% increase compared to the previous year.

BTEs accounted for 51.45% of all hearing aids dispensed while ITE devices accounted for 48.55%. This makes the first full year since the early 1980s that BTE devices have outsold ITE devices.

HIA differentiates between analog and digital devices and digital aids accounted for 91.89% of all devices sold in 2007. California, Florida and Texas accounted for the largest number of hearing aids sold by state with 9.6%, 6.52% and 5.62% of all units sold respectively. The Veterans Administration accounted for 14.21% of all hearing aids sold in 2007.

Data from HIA -

I bought my GN Resound Pulse BTE’s in 2007, after 5 years of ITEs from Widex and America Hears. As more of us baby boomers with mostly high frequency loss are exposed to our peers who need help, I’d expect the numbers to shift toward BTEs, specifically Open Fit Thin Tube or receiver in the ear BTEs.