Static sound in hearing when streaming with oticon connect clip

Here is a question for all you oticon connect clip users, do you get static in your ears or sounds cutting out when you are streaming with connect clip? This happens to me when I am streaming music or spoken word.It sometimes happens when placing a phone call and I am listening to the phone ring. Is there some sort of adjustment I could have done to help eliminate this?

There was a discussion this thread about a similar problem when streaming from TV adaptor.

Yes, Tdor54. I have this issue too. Did you ever get a fix?


I have the Rexton Smart Mic (Signia Streamline Mic) which is apparently the same device. I get some cut-outs if I’m around a lot of other Bluetooth devices and wifi, like in my office at work. I never get it in the car.

There was an unpublished recall on the Rexton/Signia devices, maybe on the Oticon too. Ask your pro to call the Oticon rep.

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I couldn’t get the ConnectClip to work without terrible static, so I returned it.

Good to know. Thanks, Don.

I never did get the noise eliminated completely, however it seems to be better if the clip is fully charged and hearing aid batteries are new. Needless to say, i am disappointed in the performance of the device.

Thx, tdor54.

In my case, I’m having some sort of latency delay when connecting to incoming phone calls when using the ConnectClip. Callers have also told me that they can hear my voice, but there is a delay before I can hear them. They also hear a type of static “white noise” (on their end) when I am speaking to them through the ConnectClip. My AuD is going to make a few tweaks in Genie, and we’ll see what happens. Sure hope this isn’t another known Oticon issue that needs to be publicly acknowledged by the company…and fixed! Any Oticon employees reading this board?

Perhaps the coming firmware updates will help. We can only hope.