Static in my Widex 330

So i just got my first hearing aids ever. Yesterday was day one and i was pretty thrilled as I was heading to a corporate function and they really did help me hear amongst the did a good part of the night.

but by the time i got home and then today as well, i have been getting this constant static. there’s even some sound like voices i hear are a little bit distorted. as a musician, I would say it reminds me a lot of if an amp or speaker was cranked up too high, causing distortion from overdrive.

my audiologist just left for vaca and i’ve already tried to change the batteries. i’m hoping it’s just a calibration thing, but any advice? i’m pretty disappointed quite frankly!

thanks in advance!

i was hearing many kinds of noises from my previous Widex Inteo. I got rid of some of them by using the music program where the sound was much cleaner. There was no noise in silence though. Try the music program and if it is better then the noise is caused by the extra signal processing in the master program (feedback reduction, noise cancellation) and you may consider to switch them off (it is based on your hearing loss)

I have the Oticon Agils now and the sound is much cleaner and I can notice no noise at all.