State Specific Audiologist Thread


Could we have a state specific Audiologist thread? It would be nice to hear from Audiologist that might be a source for which to chose or ask questions??

I have ask admin to also include a spanish forum …
I would be nice to have portuguese, french, etc

I guess we could get carried away with this…

Maybe we could start a thread and have Audi’s state where they are from???

I thought about putting together a regional section, based on location in the US and worldwide, but I tossed the idea, since I didn’t want too many sections, as the information shared by our users often need to be more widely spread and not quite so sectioned off.

Once we have more users and more topics, we can always consider this.

As for multiple languages…now that is something we may need to consider, at least for Spanish to start with.

Ill give U a hand with the spanish…
if you can deal with my grammar

I’m a new user but would offer a suggestion here.

I agree that having too many forums makes it hard to find & track posts. (Not very user friendly)

But, The pros who are taking the time to educate us newbies are doing a great service without asking for any reward. Giving them an place to list themselves would be a nice way of repaying thier kindness and support of the forums… (Pro would of course be in control of being listed or not and what the access for PM & email would be via His/Her Profile settings.)

Perhaps finding a way to make these listings read only(No replies) & Edits by Author Only would prevent the scattering of too many subjects in too many places. & require less work on Admin’s part.

Alternatively, is it possible to apply a grouping or filter to the memberlist part of the site? Again, the pro can choose how much to reveal or not & how they could be approached via thier profile settings.

I really appreciate having this forum & like that no-one has been trying to sell me anything, but If I wanted to approach a pro as a potential client because thier posts lead me to feel they would be a good match to my needs, I can’t w/o more info (Sort of like internet dating isn’t it) A specific list of pros willing to be approached could benefit all.