Started the fitting process today


ok i have the laptop windows 7 4gb memory and 64 bit software. this is what the trufit program said i need. well it says 8gb memory and i will get it asap. i have the trufit program 3.5 and the icube interface. today i also got a pair of moxi pro aids.

so i connected up to the moxi pro aids and they had a program lost to what i take, i tried them on and the right was a bit louder than i care for. so i started programming them for first time user and i entered my a/g then as i went tru the steps i answered the questions and put in what i figured i might want, can change. so i have 4 automatic programs and i have 3 manual programs but not sure yet is it is in auto or not, i think it is because i put in volume steps and when i press the right button volume increases and left goes down. i check the tomes for the different things that happen during use to make sure i would know what the meant.

so now can someone tell me if these are in auto mode what might i expect for that during the next few weeks? will they statout on the lower end of the algorithm and work up? if so what tells them i have reached what i need? and if i make a mistake and somehow switch them out of auto mode will they go back into it or will i need to go back in and restart auto mode?

and inside the program is i save one and then reprogram them for testing can i go back and reinstall a previous program as long as i remember the name i gave it? if so them i can save the program from my old aids and then put that program in the new aids? thanks bp.



I think you are asking about saving your fitting sessions (among other things)??

Hearing Aid Fitting Software (in General) gives you these 5 options.
At the Start of the Fitting Session you can:

  1. Use the settings from your hearing aids.
  2. Use the settings from the database.

Next you perform the fitting. You can make changes to the programming or not make changes to the programming.

At the End of the Fitting Session you can:

  1. Save the settings in the hearing aids.
  2. Save the settings in the database.
  3. Save the settings in both the hearing aids and the database.

Whenever you save the fitting session to your database you will have an opportunity to enter a name/comment for the fitting session. Next time you begin a new fitting session instead of starting with the hearing aid settings you could start from an old session in the database.

Similar to this.


Will Genie make any changes to my HAs without my causing it to?

thanks pvc i figured it out how to save the fittings and then recall them. i have now got a used set of moxi pro aids and they had a program. i have the tru fit software and the icube. also this is on 2 laptops so what i did was save the moxi 12 data in 1 laptop and the 2nd laptop i ut the moxi pro data. then i went page for page to see the differences. and then i mad the new aids the same as the old aids to see if i had better results with the moxi pro aids. had some but with both sets of aids my right ear was more the the left.

today with some tweaking i got the left ear more and now i hear in the middle of my head.
now i have to figure out occlusion. i seen if the software open fit closed and some others. i figure them as they show pictures.

i had a time getting them to go into automatic mode and allow volume control. but finally they did.

i also did the fitting using the aids as the speakers and did the low and hi limits but did not keep it as the left was not loud enough and i could not get the volume control.

and i did figure out your comments that i can save or recall to and from the aids.

one thing that thru me was in the last section where the audi was to ask questions i though that i could pick all the statements and make the changes but i’m guessing that for quite and noise and music and loud in restaurants i get only on choice if not then some will say i can use multiple, but when i did that i could see the graph move all the lines. anyway thanks for the help and after this last setup i have volume and i hear in the center and i notice the aids ar adjusting from rubbing the mikes and hearing the difference. bp.



Can you send me the Trufit software please.




Another member pointed me to the correct forum instructions.