Starky/Inspire Question?

Connected to the Livio’s for the first time a few days ago, didn’t really know what I was doing. I could only connect to one HA, only one was showing up as connected. I might have told the sw the left was the right, not sure. I went ahead into the fitting and just looked around, didn’t make any changes. Closed out wo saving, wasn’t even asked to save.

Is there any chance I screwed anything up in the HAs? Like loaded the right data into the left? I’m only familiar with Genie 2 and I knew if I chose not to save to the aids I couldn’t mess anything up but Inspire didn’t ask to save anywhere.

Yes this sounds a bit strange, obviously something has happened.
You could make a complete new fitting, as in make a new client, and copy from the HAs, and then just check, experiment with what the software offers, you can then always go back to your original settings at a later date.
But only 1 aid showing up when you connect to the software? I guess just make sure both HAs are in pairing mode (open/close battery door )

Check out this link, it has some helpful information for Starkey inspire software and fitting.

Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out. I did end up getting both R&L to connect after I had already closed out from the first time when only one connected. Just wanted confirmation from someone who knows Inspire that I couldn’t have messed them up if: when just one connected, say the left, and I checked the box saying it was the right and proceeded on. Does that make sense?

Well one way to check that is to connect to the software, you should then get the option to tick that check box for right and left, you should also be able to send a confirmation beep to the corresponding hearing aid at that time as well just to confirm this.

I did get them both to connect on the second attempt with Inspire. I made sure I had the R&L correct with the test tones. I go back to the audi in the morning so I’m sure she will let me know if something is not right. I haven’t told her yet that I can connect to the aids, since I don’t technically own them yet, still in trial.

I didn’t see any way to save to hearing aids or save to data before closing. How is that done? Does the sw not ask if you want to save?

I’m not able to confirm for sure, but if inspire software is like Signia Connexx software, it’ll save to the HAs on the fly, although you should still be able to have the option to save to data base.

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