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I’m gonna start saving money to get me a new pair of hearing aids. I currently use halo i90 and want to upgrade to a new pair. What’s the difference between halo IQ i2400 and muse IQ i2400? Also I’m willing to listen to some other recommendations.

It would be very helpful if you entered your audiogram so contributors here can see what you are up against for hearing loss. Also your general location would be helpful. Costco kind of sets the standard for high quality and value. Their current offering is the KS9 for $1500 US a pair. It is essentially the Phonak Marvel which is a premium level hearing aid. If you have some special requirements there may be better choices, but it kind of sets the standard for what you can get for your investment. I would be a shame to pay more and get less…

The big difference between the Halo and the Muse is that the Halo is designed for the iPhone, that brings along some other things (like geotagged memories) but the hearing aid part is basically identical between the two.

My wife just trialed the Starkey i2400 Livio aids. These aids had a lot of Bluetooth issues with her iPhone 8+. She turned them back in last week to try the KS9 aids from Costco for less than half the cost.

I have the Muse series. What I like about Starkey’s is that the sound is pretty natural. Muse is using the older 900MHz wireless system, which is great for wireless range, but then you need a gateway device for Bluetooth. I’m happy with mine but will probably consider the Oticon OPN or Phonak Marvel next time around. I also thought the Sonic Innovation aids were pretty natural sounding, but that company has been taken over by one of the bigger ones and rebranded as just Sonic.

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this is my audiogram