Starkey's AI Transforms Hearing Aids Into Smart Wearables [Starkey Livio]


An article on the new Starkey Livio hearing aids from IEEE. These aids were announced today. It looks like the AI is machine learning that helps to “automatically adjust for different sound environments”

The artificial intelligence running under the hood of the Livio AI system mostly relies on traditional machine learning algorithms rather than the potentially more powerful deep learning algorithms. That’s in large part because the hearing aid’s onboard computing power remains limited, and Starkey didn’t want critical AI-boosted listening or other functions to rely upon Internet access to additional cloud computing … for now, hearing aids still cannot fully leverage deep learning because the miniaturized devices lack the onboard computing power to run the algorithms. “I’ve yet to see the first hearing aid which really incorporates deep learning for noise removal,” Wang says.

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I have purchased and am using these amazing HA. I have commented elsewhere.

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