Starkey Laboratories joins other hearing aid manufacturers in rejecting the sale of their products to internet and mail-order retailers. Recently on the “Find a Professional” section of their website, Starkey Laboratories, posted a consumer alert regarding sales of their products to internet retailers. The alert states:
“Starkey does not sell its hearing aid products directly to Internet retailers. Starkey does not endorse the practice of selling hearing aids to consumers via the Internet. We do not believe that Internet retailers can provide our consumers with the same high quality professional services as our carefully chosen worldwide network of authorized hearing professionals. There are retailers who sell Starkey products via the Internet who are not authorized by us to do so.”
Starkey Laboratories encourages consumers to purchase their products through a qualified hearing professional in order to benefit from a face-to-face consultation to assist in determining the most appropriate Starkey product for their hearing needs.

I just spotted that. Good for them.