Starkey Zon 5 yrs old, no more Zon, how much has technology changed?

Five years ago I bought the Starkey Zon, a line that no longer is made. I will pickup a repaired aide tomorrow ($290). That can be applied to new aides.

I wear the aides off and on. I’m wearing one as I type.


  1. What kinds of improvements should I expect from a new aide?
  2. As indicated by my handle, I don’t hear hi notes well and hear men just fine—most of the time.
  3. What are the top brands for my condition? Steep Slope? I’m home with CNBC or Fox on part of the day. Do restaurants once or twice a week. Like hearing birds during my walks. The tinnitus aides look interesting. Experiences?

I’ve just reviewed my advice on how to buy hearing aides, which I posted on this forum five years ago:


Annette tested my hearing at Affordable Hearing in Englewood, CO, this morning. She’s very smart and articulate. Answers questions. She has a masters in audiology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. I was impressed.

The Last test was three years ago, and my hearing has worsened a bit.

She adjusted my 5-yr-old Starkey Zon hearing aids (HA’s). The improvement was huge. It seemed like I had brand new HA’s. I hadn’t heard my jacket rustle like that in years, if ever. When I got home, I heard the voices of my wife and myself better than I’ve heard them in a long time—with my old HA’s.

In her experience, she said, customers who have bought the new Nuear HA’s, which she sells primarily, have reported improved performances of 20% to 80%. That’s their personal perspectives.

Since each HA maker has its own chips, it’s hard for a consumer to evaluate them. I wish there was a blog that did lab tests on the various chips and other components so we could see how to evaluate the chips and performances and could get some real info rather than subjective impressions.

My Zon’s, which no longer are made by Starkey, have eight channels. New HA’s have 12 to 16 or even, I just read, up to 48 channels. The more channels, the smoother the jumps from one level of performance to another in relation to the sounds you’re trying to hear, as I understand it.

So I’m going to wear my HA’s every day and see how it goes. Right now, I feel my 5-yr-old Starkey HA’s are serving me well. I’m not ready to spend $5k for the latest technology at this point unless I can find a tinnitus masking device that works for me, which is a topic for another thread. My hearing losses are mild at low db’s and profound at higher decibels, which aren’t that important to me.

I think you’ll be pleased!