Starkey Zon 3 new aid, help

I just got the Starkey Zon 3, it’s the best working aid I have had, but I am unsure of why the world seems so loud. I know it isn’t, but it sure sounds that way to me. Any advice.

Go back to your hearing aid dispenser and have it adjusted.

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if you are trialing this, make sure to also give yourself the opp. to try something else
there are tons of exc. aids out there. Some people do well with stark. some people do well with other brands

There is absolutley no reason here that I can see that these aids can not be adjusted easily to fix the problem. Changing the aids is not the problem-programming is. If the dispenser is competent this is very easy to fix. Instead of wasting alot of time ordering other aids. The patient is mostly satisfied- loudness is usually simple-it is not a manufacturing issue.
There is nothing wrong with Starkey Zon hearing aids. Even with the release of the S Series I still fit Zon quite a bit.

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Our experience has been just the opposite. We fit lots of Starkey aids through our 2 offices. We had a much higher percentage of failure with the Zons than we are having with the S Series. The battery door and receiver connection are the most common.

SeaGirl, if you are really near the sea and in high humidity trade for the S Series 5. It will be more reliable and has the T2 technology so you can turn it up and down with your cell phone. They should be comparably priced and your dispenser will not want to lose a sale so make him work with you.