Starkey Xino 90.... question regarding the 4 programs

I am not clear regarding the options available across the 4 programmes.

Is it only Pr1, that can have the gain adjusted across the frequency spectrum.
With the Starkey Programmes being selected and superimposed in 2,3 and 4.

Or can the gain be adjusted in various selected frequencies in each of the programmes.
Which would allow a rapid way of fine tuning for the best sound.

The gain can be adjusted independently in each of the four memories. There’s also a link button that joins them together so you can make simultaneous changes.

That’s great
I have been using the Xinos for 12 months and find that the sound is very harsh compared to my previous Bernafon Veritas aids.
At my next session I propose to ask for programme 1 to be made the base programme and that the only variations in 2,3 and 4 ,to be small increases to gain in specific areas .
Say PR2 mid range (1k to 4k).
PR3 low end (250 1000)mid,
PR3… combine PR2 and PR3.
PR4 PR3 with a small increase in gain (4k to 8k) .to see if the other changes allow this.
I feel that it is pointless loading any of the Starkey pre-set Situation programmes at this stage, as the base programme has not yet been optimised
As an engineer, this seems a logical approach that should provide useful information. i.e. do changes provide any improvement/deterioration to sound.
Is this logical in the world of Audiology?

If the sound is harsh, you want to reduce the gain, not increase it. Try lowering it in the 1K range. Adjusting below 500 or above 2K won’t make a noticeable difference.

Thanks for the comment…
The reason for my question was that during my last session with the Audiologist, she superimposed the gain curve from the Bernafon over the current Starkey curve and observed that there was significantly more gain in the mid range.

She suggested that when the HA were returned from service by Starkey. She would adjust the settings to match the Bernafon settings to see how it went.

I felt that this was a shot in the dark as the performance characteristics if the two units could be very different.

My feeling is that the original settings that worked very well up to 3 months ago should be reinstalled as Pr1.Otherwise we could not establish if the service had improved performance.
Then she can change settings in 2,3 and 4 , whilst we retain PR1 as a known base line. The other variations were based on her original suggestion regarding mid range changes.