Starkey x-series 110 ric

I’m excited i ordered mine today can’t wait to get them in a week. Thanks zct for your helpful comments.

You’re welcome. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Got my aids today & so far they are great with only my first setting. I’m hearing sounds i didn’t know about. I have a question , can you have a single program with spectrual iq turned off just to tell the difference it makes?

yes you can

Yes, and the thing to remember about Spectral IQ is that in my experience 75% of patients who fall in the fitting range for it don’t actually like the sound at first. It is far less natural than having it turned off.

But remember the purpose of it is to improve S Test scores and therefore word recognition. So while it may initially not seem such a pure or ‘nice’ sound, if you force yourself to get used to it, it can lead to better results overall.

Think of it like getting used to bifocals for the first time. There is a learning curve but the end result is usually worth it.