Starkey X Series 110 CIC

I am currently trying out a set of Starkey X Series 110 CIC’s. The X Series wasn’t out back in June when I first started looking for new aids to replace my 5 1/2 yr old Phonaks so I was thrilled to hear that they had something brand new to offer.
The plan was for me to go ahead and start getting used to the Starkey’s and then to trade out for the wireless that come out next week (may have been this past week…). Well, as much as I wanted to like them - I DON’T. I’m not even going to bother trying the wireless version.
The batteries last 3-4 days max, my old Phonaks last 7-8 days. The low battery warning is inconsistent and the battery may die anywhere from 15 seconds after the warning to an hour later. I’m saying “huh?” more than ever. I really had my hopes up for these - I had hoped that technology had improved in the past 5.5 years.
Can anyone tell me if the 3-4 day battery life is normal?
Has anyone else had any experience with these?
I narrowed my search down to Starkey or Siemens because they are the two CIC’s that have the most power. Looks like I’ll be trying the Siemens next…:frowning:

What style were your old aids? I have the older version of your CIC aids and also get 4 days. That is quite common for the smaller size 10 batteries needed by CIC aids.

I got slightly longer life with my 8 year old Widex ITC aids with the 312 battery.

To know what is normal is hard without knowing the nature of your hearing loss. You said you were looking for a CIC with the most power, and if indeed you got the most powerful of the Starkey CIC receivers, that’s 70dB which is substantially more power than your old ones. So it’s kind of like buying a car with a V12 engine and complaining about the fuel economy.

Not only is the new aid likely to be using more power because of the higher powered receiver, but the computer processing done in modern aids is substantially more than a 5.5 year old aid.

That said, the fact you are not hearing better is deeply concerning. I’ve had some amazing success with that technology and cannot recall anyone telling me they heard better with their old hearing aids than that. So I’d take a look into the programming and make sure you are using fresh Rayovac batteries before giving up on this.

Prodigyplace, I’m afraid I don’t remember the model of my Phonak’s.

ZCT - I guess I didn’t think of it in those terms (more power = more battery used…duh). Looks like my battery budget is going to double. Yes, I always use Rayovac, they really are much better than any others I’ve used.
The programming is really frustrating - the acoustics in that quiet little room where you are sitting almost knee to knee with your audi are so different from the real world. I hear great in there, then I go to my office and hear nothing (huge open space, high ceiling, etc…). The last adjustment made them loud (really loud) but again, there was no improvement in voice quality.
I had been excited about the wireless X Series coming out but it no doubt will reduce the battery life even more. I can’t imagine replacing batteries every 2-3 days. Perhaps I wouldn’t complain about the battery life if they were living up to my expectations.
Thank you for your input.


Sorry, I meant are the Phonaks CIC, ITC (In the Canal), BTE, Full Shell, etc. Since you were suprised at the battery life, I wondered if you were comparing to older BTE aids with large batteries. What is attracting you to CIC aids? Many of the professionals here prefer the newer open fit or RIC aids that generally provide more options and longer battery life. Many timesthey are not too noticeable.

I believe the “wireless X Series” is the Wi Series, but in CIC. Perhaps a larger aid, such as an ITC aid would have a larger battery and, perhaps, longer life.

For the past 2 weeks, I have been wearing one CIC aid with a size 10 battery and one old ITC aid with a 312 battery because one CIC aid was sent off for repair. Actually, both aids fail at about the same time., definitely within a day of each other. My professional is has been sick, but I hope to get my repaired aid early this week.

I am having similar experiences to you. Unfortunately, not all hearing professionals are as skilled or dedicated as those here, especially ZCT. I notice that I struggle, especially in large areas like department store shopping with family. Two guys talking in a quiet office is not the same as the real world. I believe Starkey has some real world sounds built-in to their software, but many professionals do not use that. Some fortunate people have had their professional accompany them in a vehicle to adjust in a more real world environment.


I am currently demoing the Siemens Motion 701, which is the wireless CIC. 2-3 days of battery life is standard, but I find I get more like a week sometimes with the PowerOne batteries. I don’t wear them for 17 hours a day though, but I still wear them quite a bit.

I would first try to focus on the programming before giving up. Definitely get the wireless CIC’s because you will be blown away by how well it will help you with regards to TV, movies, etc. When Starkey releases their new bluetooth system this summer it should be phenomenal and then the wireless will truly shine. I chose siemens because at the time they had the ONLY wireless CIC, but the Starkey CIC as a standalone aid looks like it would have more promise…I’m just waiting for the new bluetooth to be released before demoing and comparing the two.

I’m currently not too happy with the sound of the Siemens…they are plenty loud (Starkey’s are actually much more powerful), but my Audi has yet to get them dialed in perfectly. If you are not having luck after multiple appointments, it might be time to go to a new audi for some additional adjustments! I’ve only been twice (including the initial fitting), so I’m just being patient for now.

Suzy, do you have your results? It would help for us to assess what additional programming may need done.