Starkey Wi i70 - programming - tcoil - remotes - options (new user)

Hello all, my first post. I have decent hearing except up to the high end. Not sure how to post my actual test results yet. A friend gave me my first set of aids, a pair of wi i70s, from her late husband. They are two years old. An audiologist from the local chamber of commerce that I am a member of gave me a new hearing test then programmed these for me for $100 per aid. I AM SO HAPPY! I can understand what people are saying again without it seeming any louder. When I take them out at night, it is like putting my head into an empty five gallon bucket. So happy!

My young audiologist did not seem like she was an expert in these particular type of aids. As you all probably know but I am still learning, her computer has a program to choose many different options for these aids. She could not give me anything to read up on the options to be set but she did let me read a sentence about each one on the screen. I get four programs, and currently have them set as (I think) 1. regular 2. noisy rooms 3. TV 4 Auto Phone left ear. I believe I had 12 programs to choose from.

Is there somewhere can read up on which each of the 12 programs do so I can make an intelligent decision about which to choose? So far I don’t notice a lot of difference between the programs.

I currently have harmonics or tone shifting turned on. It makes some high sounds echo’d at low notes. With my hearing loss I don’t think I need this and it is a little distracting. Is it possible to turn this off?

I do not believe my audiologist enabled real ear adjustments when she was programming them. Should I ask her to do the real ear tests?

Do these aids have a tcoil built in? I assume all modern ones do but I’m new at this.

I’d like to have an inexpensive device I can hardwire plug my mp3 player into to send the sound from the dongle to my hearing aids’ tcoil function. Is there a cheap good tcoil transmitter out there? I have not read a lot of good things about the surflink devices (for the money).

If I do use a transmitter to hear my mp3 player (the old in ear headphones of course will not fit), do I need to have one of my 4 “programs” set to broad spectrum amplification rather than just high end, or else I will only get the high tones sent to my hearing aids through the tcoil from my mp3? I think I read this somewhere.

My wife has an iphone and I guess I’d rather buy a $400 iphone than a $400 hearing aid remote. Are there iphone or preferably android apps that will work in various ways to change the programming on my wi i70s?

Finally, can someone tell me the true difference from an end users standpoint between the i70s and the i110s? I read the marketing literature but it looks like the main difference is more channels. I’m new at this and just wondering if it really is noticeable.

My first adjustment appointment is tomorrow but I look forward to all knowledgeable answers. Thank you!