Starkey Wi i110 and telephones

Hi - I am three weeks in with my new Starkey Wi i110. I have never worn hearing aids before so the audiologist is going slow with adding programs/features, etc.

This weekend she activated the “auotmatic telephone” mode. As I understand it, this is not a telecoil setting, but essentially a setting where I will hear the phone through the microphone on the hearing aids. It is supposed to switch automatically from normal to telephone mode when I place the phone near my ear.

I have found that my regular landline phone at work does in fact cause the hearing aids to switch mode. My cell phone, however, does not. I have tried my wife’s cell phone and my daughter’s iPhone and they don’t seem to cause the aids to switch either.

I went to Verizon store tonight to find out about a new phone, and they showed me a few that are M4/T4 cell phone compatible - but these didn’t cause my hearing aids to switch modes.

So - anyone have any ideas? I am seeing the audiologist again in about 2 weeks. I can wait and discuss this with her when I see her, but meanwhile I was hoping to learn something on my own.

I have looked at the “Hearing Aid Compatibility with Digital Wireless Cell Phones” booklet, but that is not much help.


There are two kinds of hearing aid phone modes, telecoil mode and acoustic phone mode. I have never had any real benefit from acoustic phone mode.

The “T” in M4/T4 is for telecoil mode. Since your hearing aid uses acoustic phone mode there is no benefit in a phone that works with a telecoil (or t-coil), since your aids do not have a telecoil.

I use a bluetooth phone device with my cell phone and soon with my office phone (Resound Phone Clip) but Starkey does not offer this.

In order for the aids to switch to the phone mode the aid has to see a magnetic field strong enough to activate the sensor in the aid. None of my phones, home or cell, has a strong enough magnet to do this. My HA guy gave me a few very thin stick on magnets that work fine. In my phone mode I use mic only, no telecoil. The phone mode mutes my left aid and sets the response for telephone on my right.
If it is more convenient for you, the phone mode can also be included in the programs on your mode button. I have phone in mode 4 on my aids just in case I use a phone somewhere that will not activate the sensor.

If you prefer, the Wi i110 RIC aids also have a telecoil. You did not state what style you have.

DFPope is correct. I believe all cell phone speaker magnets are too small to trigger the phone mode.

You can have telephone mode or t-coil placed on a program slot so you can switch manually. That’s what I do with my Wi i110 aids.

I have wi i110 RIC aids. I was hoping that the automatic switch to telephone mode would work, so I don’t have to do any fiddling with them when I need to use the phone. I will discuss with my audiologist at the next visit and see what the best option might be. She was pretty clear when we did the last adjustment that the cell phone would work - and one of the employees in her office said that the iphone worked with hers, but when I tried iphone, same problem for me - no switch to phone mode.

Oh well, I suppose there are larger problems in the world. I will figure it out and make the best of it.

Thanks for the replies and the advice.

You can use the phone without it switching to phone mode. I think it only optimizes (limits) the range to match the phone (3k or 3.5k Hz, something like that). I’ve never really noticed any difference in understanding when it did or didn’t switch to phone mode.