Starkey vs. unitron vs. resound

Okay so I’ve been to numerous audis/HIS in the last month to get updated audiograms and recommendations to replace by 5 y/o nu-ear models that aren’t cutting it (and frankly really never were). I’ve been recommended the Live 7 by resound which interests me the most due to my lifestyle; Unitron Latidue 8 and the Starkey’s IQ (?) But have worn CIC for many years now (15+ years) and would like to stick with that for asthetic reasons. As I understand per Unitron the fitting range would limit me quite a bit if in future my hearing changes. Starkey has some great attachments for stethascope use that interests me and their fitting range seems comprable to Resound. Just trying to get an idea what other’s think of these products. Insidently I tried a BTE and wasn’t happy with the mic and the rustling with my hair. Ideally I’d like the new aids to last me 10 yrs or as long as possible. Thanks!

If you’re worried about limitations you’re not going to want resound either. The feedback system is even worse than Unitron. The output is limited with Unitron and Phonak. Resound’s manager is one of the poorest I’ve ever worked with.

I have fit a lot of the Starkey aids and people seem to do well in noise. Get an IQ model. You won’t have to worry about feedback when you’re hearing changes either.

I’d concur with hearagain… I’m a starkey fan when it comes to cics - maybe check out the new otolens

So having worn and used both the remote mic by Resound and the CIC by starkey you would recommend the CIC over the Live 9? I’m anxious to hopefully try both out but would love your input since you’ve worn both. I have had resound products in past and was very happy with them, likewise with Starkey as a child.

You want your CICs to last 10 years?

Should be do-able … although you might need to get the processor (hybrid) replaced a couple of time, as well as the speakers and mikes.

Also, you might need a new shell a couple of times too.

Let me guess, they tried to sell you little BTE’s with thin tubes and a mushroom earpiece. Right? Don’t do it. Go with the CIC’s. A hearing aid, no matter which one, will probably not last you 10 years. Sorry to say, just telling it like it is. It’s like wanting the lenses in your glasses to last you 10 years. They will last, but you won’t see well with them by then.

I’m in the process of trying Resound Vivid’s offered for the first time at Costco. I’ve tried Siemen’s Life 700’s but didn’t care for the sound reproduction and poor directionality. I have been wearing Rexton CIC’s for five years but my hearing was getting worse. Anyway… the Resound’s sound incredible… much more natural sounding and so far directionality is good. I can understand what people are saying in any environment and there are 4 programs to chose from. The restaurant program really dampens backround noise… if anything a little too much as I like to hear everything around me. These Resounds are BTE/RIC’s. So far, so good!

Totally agree with you. Wide variance of opinion here on Resound. Must be the degree of hearing loss or something.

Starkey has a superior feedback system that is needed for high gain. The Resound is good enough for low gain and they have a very natural sound. For me anyway and that of course is just an opinion.

Funny, but it seems Resound takes more heat from dealers then users.

I would never expect a CIC to last 10 years. They are the most at risk for exposure to the harsh environment of the ear (moisture, wax, heat). I would estimate the average life expectancy of a CIC product to be 4-6 years and this likely would include costs of repair in the $500 during the last 2-3 years. After 5 years most manufacturers increase the cost of repair significantly due to the products being near obsolete, the parts not as available and probably to some degree to give you incentive to buy a new set.