Starkey Unveils Livio Edge AI Custom Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Dave’s coverage of the recent Starkey news:

Interesting but I would never want them in black. I would want them in the flesh color

I understand why the charger pads are on the outside but it looks weird (esp. for ppl who don’t like gold jewelry). Also, why does everything need to be “smart”? Why do I need a smart-phone, -fridge, -watch, -ring, -microwave, -home, -assistant, -vehicle, -doorlock, -garage door opener, -TV…Can’t I just have an X that is the best X that it can be? Everything doesn’t need to be an A-to-Z. Or rechargeable. I would rsther be without something medically necessary for twenty seconds while I seap batteries than 3.5 hours. There’s plenty of situations where 23 hours of life just isnt enough.


I would prefer charging the aids over night than have them go dead during the day while I am wearing them. My average day is about 13 hours of hearing aid use then the recharge at night works out great.

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Yeo, for most folks that’d be fine oribsbly, just kike a cell phone or a smartwatch. But what if you go road tripping or camping or take a long flight…I dunno. I hate rechargeable stuff. I like swap and go. I always had spares.

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most of the chargers now are all usb type chargers that can work with a battery backup. And Phonak Marvel charger has an option for a power back to piggy back with the charger for 7 days worth of charging for the aids.

Sounds like the next aid to support ASHA. I would think there would be a RIC that would also support it.

And I want them in anything BUT flesh color. :slight_smile:

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I heard additional details were going to be released this week (2/24/20). Have any of the professionals heard from Starkey? I tried chatting - and received vague responses with - please check with your local authorized care provider.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.