Starkey Surflink Mobile updates

The more I use the Surflink and get to know it, I’m glad to have gone that route. THERE IS an update for the firmware, I’m on and it has made a big improvement on the streaming reliability issues I had. Bluetooth streaming from the player on my cell phone is cool, as noted elsewhere no one else knows what you’re hearing. Talking on the cell phone still has issues with others hearing me, but again, that’s probably one of getting used to what/how it needs to be done. The Wi90 work as well as I expected and I didn’t expect concert fidelity from them or the surflink. Convenience is the big thing with the surflink for me. The biggest issue that should be addressed with the next version has to be the battery life, the wall charger is relatively compact but you still need to keep it handy.

Thanks for the update. Confirm that the Surflink can’t be charged via computer USB or with a car charger?

You can charge it from any micro-usb source. I charge mine in the car all the time.

Thanks Grant

I’ve been using the surflink mobile for about three weeks, with Starkey 3 series i70s. I’m using it when I teach a college course, using it in streamer “surround” mode (helpful, but amplifies every bit of the ambient noise as well as the speakers). Used it yesterday wired to my phone as an mp3 player - much better sound quality than using my mp3 player with headphones and no hearing aids! It does seem like the sound cuts in and out a little while doing this. Last night, used it in streamer “focus” mode at a restaurant sitting across the table from my husband - Awesome! I’m sure I’ll get better at using it. For me, it’s more of a luxury item than a “have to have” item, but I’ve been enjoying it. Starkey company - revamp this thing so that you can charge it an use it with the wired adapter at the same time!

For me it’s almost novelty. Anyway the charging issue I think cannot be addressed without a re-design I’m afraid.

I’ve been using the AZiO bluetooth adapter (15$) on my pc, and it sounds good. I can charge with USB3.0 and stream netflix/youtube/game/etc. I think charging via 3.0 will make it worth it for me. :slight_smile:

I thought I had “bricked” my Mobile. It wouldn’t turn on no matter what I did. It was recently charge. Eventually I just held the power button down for well over the specified 30 seconds and it booted.

In other news, it looks like there another update for it:

SurfLink Mobile 1.4 Firmware

One-Way Streaming Enhancements

Allows SurfLink Mobile to automatically re-connect with a hearing device, if a one-way
stream gets inadvertently dropped or lost by a hearing device.

Modifiable Sleep Mode Timeout

Allows user to configure the display’s Sleep Mode timeout (1, 3, or 5 minutes) to be
different from its current, non-adjustable 1 minute setting.

Battery Charging Notification

Plugging SurfLink Mobile into active power source will automatically light up the display
for 8 seconds (when the SurfLink Mobile is powered On, but the display is Off).
This allows the user to instantly see the lightning bolt charge icon.

Screen Appearance when No Hearing Devices are Synced

Displays Settings screen as the default screen when no hearing devices are synced
with SurfLink Mobile.

Reminds user that “No hearing devices are synced at this time” on the Remote and
Streaming screens when no hearing devices are synced with SurfLink Mobile.

Reminder to Exit from Inspire Prior to Syncing Hearing Devices

Displays an advisory message (“If Inspire fitting session is open, please close it now.”)
prior to syncing hearing devices.

New Tablet Icon for Bluetooth


Allows user to assign a new Tablet icon to paired Bluetooth accessories.

Advisory Message Icon

Displays yellow “!” icon on the status bar when an advisory message is available.

Off-the-Shelf, Portable USB Charger Compatibility

Adding a portable USB Charger capable of supplying 5 volts at >=500 milliamps
to the SurfLink Mobile can provide additional streaming and standby time.

This is not new. Firmware v1.4 came out in June 2013. I’ve had it on mine since then.

my audi let me borrow the mobile, I found when streaming thru bluetooth with an android phone that the sound is very tinny, has anyone experienced this?
My HAs are the 3 series i110 CICs

Hey jgirardi.
Would you be so kind to share the Bluetooth adapter that you used?? Does it work properly??
I am ordering one, but hasn´t arrived yet…
Did you have the chance to try it already??



Hi Deco08,

I am sorry, it’s been a while since I was on this site. Just happen to check it out today and saw you posted a question to me.

What are you referring to? What did you order? The cable that allows you to stream and charge at the same time? That works great for me. Or are you asking about something else?

I’m not sure what Deco08 is talking about but I’m interested in the stream and charge cable. I saw in another thread that you posted where you purchased it from eBay but it’s no longer available as it is sold out. Do you know of any other cable (or seller that has one available) that would work?

I will be picking up my Xino hearing aids next week.

Yes, I have contact information fro the guys selling it. I need to find it and will let you know. I will send you a PM.

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Originally Posted by Big Al
The answer is no, and yes. If your TV is bluetooth compatible, then you can stream the TV signal wirelessly. Otherwise, you must connect the TV by wire to your Surflink Mobile, which, in turn, streams to your aids. However, you must keep the Mobile close to your aids, and keep your head reasonably still, or you lose the signal. As for setting the device in front of the speakers, you can charge simultaneously if you do that; I just haven’t been happy with the sound quality.

OK - I understand now. FYI - I use a Bluetooth adapter that I hook up to my TV which makes it bluetooth compatible and would allow you to use the surflink mobile wirelessly while charging.

DC: Thanks jgirardi. I was talking about this post. But actually, I am also very interested in getting the stream & charge cable, so if you can share that information with me also, I will really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

If anyone is interested, I just opened the box of mine and it is

Anyone with a PC can upgrade to 1.4 by downloading the upgrader wizard at

Thanks for this post. I just updated mine. Any idea how to know of any future updates? The website link you provided didn’t show any way of looking up what the latest version is.

About the next f/w release. I sent an email to Starkey and here was their answer:

“The next iteration of firmware for the Surflink Mobile, tentatively labeled 1.5, has not be set.”

I’m hoping 1.5 (somehow) addresses the battery life issue, my major complaint with the device.

I noticed the first comment in the thread addressed the issue of charging and streaming at the same time. Has anyone found a cable/adapter solution?

I got a cable off of eBay for about $50.