Starkey Surflink Mobile updates

I’m working on a little project to make a Y cable or little box to allow me to stream and charge at the same time.

If anyone has any suggestions for features or preferred connectors let me know because I might make a handful of them. One person already suggested a crossfeed switch so the the extreme R and L audio signals can be mixed a little to make movie listening more enjoyable.

Also, does anyone know the latest firmware version? Mine is but my audie has a slightly older version of Inspire, so it might not have the current firmware in it. I saw a web page describing v

That would be awesome. I’ve been scouring the internet to find such a thing, and haven’t been able to find it. When streaming, the battery life is very short. I am not sure why they didn’t put a second connector on the device for this purpose. I try to keep it plugged in for as much wireless streaming and bluetooth as possible, but can’t do that while watching TV. Starkey’s solution was to buy the Surflink Media.

using Surflink mobile since 11-08-12, also running the version, will be checking with my audi on next visit to see if an update is available. The issues I have is that during ANY streaming, one or both hearing Wi i90 devices will stop producing a signal. I have seen the battery life get really short while streaming anything. Hopefully these issues get corrected, battery life: I can live with a charger, but for the devices to just quit, that’s not what I expected.

What do you mean “one or both hearing Wi i90 devices will stop producing a signal” ? Are you saying while using the streaming feature, it doesn’t produce the sounds from the source? That seems to defeat the whole purpose of using the device and probably means it is not working properly and should be fixed instead of assuming that’s just the way it works. No?

Big Al, can’t you listen to the TV wirelessly so you can keep the device charging? Or set the device in-front of the speakers so you can charge it? I don’t have one yet so I am not exactly familiar with it.

Surflink Mobile in front of speakers while charging works, but the sound is terrible by comparison to direct in.

My own little cable project hit a snag which is a design flaw in the Surflink mobile. Even with the proper cabling you can’t charge and stream at the same time. You’d have to open the unit and hack wires into the audio portion is my best guess. There is an internal USB switch that turns off the audio functionality when Vcc (5v) shows up on the port. They really should have used a separate audio line-in jack. This is a terrible flaw for a $0.15 part in such an expensive device. ALL the other manufacturers that I can think of separated the USB function from the audio one. The best I could do outside of the unit would be to make a cable with a switch (charge or stream).

OK, Now I understand, makes sense that the quality would be better with the device hooked up to the TV via in-line. What a shame they could not have a seperate jack for charging and audio jack, a real shame!

Well it will probably help them sell more SurfLink Media units though. :smiley:

I am thinking it might be worth it to just get the Surflink Media for dedicated TV listening and use the Surflink Mobile for everything else. How much is the Surflink Media going for? Does the Surflink Media work well?

From what I could see on the web, the Mobile is about $500 and the Media about $400.

I’ve had the Surflink Media for over a year. I’d call it a version 1 product. It does work, but not reliably, at least for me. Sound will go off then on often and that’s with being just a few feet from the unit while in the same position. Sometimes one ear, sometimes both.

Tried adjusting the power level slider to no avail. Not sure why there is such an adjustment (like volume) actually. Volume up and down control does work. When it works as advertised it’s OK. But for me I’d say its a 75/25 device. Works 75% of the time.

Thanks daveg, I appreciate the honest feedback. It troubles me to hear of all the complaints many have had for something that cost about $400.

It needs a volume control if the aids are programmed for a mix of sound from the streamer as well as sound picked up from the mic’s. That’s the way I have mine programmed. My Surflink Media works fine as long as both HA’s are within its range and I don’t move my head around too much, as turning the head will cause connection problems (dropouts).

I guess I wasn’t clear in my note. I can see the need for the volume control, but the other control, under the volume (power/distance level), is there why? I really don’t notice any difference in the adjustment of this control. Setting it low and moving away from the unit, I can hear things at about the same distance as when the control is set to higher levels.

I notice the dropouts too and at times aid/aids will stay “off” then suddenly turn on again for no apparent reason. Head movements shouldn’t cause dropouts IMO.

That setting is supposed to alter the power output from the transmitter. If you have more than one Media, you should be able to set it up so that the hearing aids switch from the room you are leaving to the room you are entering if you can get the balance of the (2 or more) transmitters right. I’m getting my first Media today, so when I get a chance to play with it I will let you know if the new ones work any better.

Having >1 Media units, it does make sense to have a power level adjustment for the reasons you describe. Since I have 1, the adjustment is unnecessary and one would think that being “full bore” it should reduce dropouts, but it doesn’t, at least not for me.

It would be interesting to learn if your new Media works any better than those of us with older units.

the hearing aid itself quits working. I have to turn them off and on to get them working again

I picked it up but we forgot to program the “favorite” on the remote (mobile). Is there any other way to “engage” the Media streamer so I can listen to it?

I am not aware of another way to engage the Media device other than the “star” button on the remote. Perhaps a look at the manual which should be located on Starkey’s web site.

************** update **************

I have since read there are 2 Media activation modes - Manual and Automatic. In manual mode, you need to push the “star” button on the remote to start streaming if within streaming range. In Automatic mode streaming will begin automatically when within range of the Media device. These modes are set with the Inspire software.

When I say that one or both Wi i90 devices will stop producing a signal, I mean there is no output from them and I can actually tell when they stop as they act as ear plugs then. The only thing I can do then is turn them off and on to get them operating again. Streaming TV, or normal conversations through remotes mics, streaming TV plugged into TV jack or streaming music plugged into my phone, at best I get 5 minutes of sound before they quit working. So far conversations have been short enough that streaming with bluetooth from my phone hasn’t been a problem except, as I’m told, the quality of sound on the other end.