Starkey SurfLink Mobile - Streaming problems

I have been trying out a pair of Starkey RIC 312AP i110 70/130 aids, as I have not got on well at all with the Phonak Naidas I am also trying. Also trying out the SurfLink Mobile and the SurfLink Media.

I am, however, having problems with the SurfLink Mobile in terms of streaming. It works fine as a remote, but the streaming is quite unreliable. It’s very patchy, with one ear (mainly the left) cutting out for a second or so on a regular basis. So, for instance in a minute of streaming audio, the left side will cut out 40 or 50 times; sometimes for a fraction of a second, sometimes for a few seconds, but it makes listening very difficult…

I have tried the following :

  • Unpairing and re-pairing the hearing aids
  • Performing a ‘hard’ reset of the device.
  • Unpairing and re-paring the iPhone
  • I have kept quite still with both devices within 1 ft from the aids
  • Opening and closing the hearing aid battery doors
  • Replacing the hearing aid batteries

It is not just the phone - the two microphones (multi-directional and single-direction also cut out in the same way, as does the TV, laptop and any other source of audio if I connect them up to it. Wired, or using Bluetooth. When it does work, it is brilliant!

The SurfLink Media works much better, so I am hoping it’s just a faulty SurfLink Mobile. Maybe there is a firmware update? I am on I think. Doubt it though.

Any thoughts or similar problems?

Many thanks in advance

Just left the Starkey firmware web page, is the latest firmware.

Hi Mike,

I’ve noticed the same problem with some of those aids that I’ve fit. If you can hold out, you might consider waiting a few weeks to try Starkey’s made for Iphone hearing aid, the Halo. I think you’ll still need the Surflink media to stream TV, but you won’t need the Surflink mobile, and maybe they’ll have more reliable streaming…

None of the current SurfLink accessories are compatible with Halo, so if you need a TV solution, you’ll have to stay with the 3 Series and the SurfLink Media.

I asked this question on another posting but figured I would ask again since it is related. If you go with the halo/iphone, is there any way to stream the TV? I assume you could use a 3mm audio jack fro the TV to the iphone, not sure.

Thanks for all the feedback. My audiologist brought another SurfLink Mobile yesterday, and we tried that out. Exactly the same problem, so I am at a loss about what it can be. I wondered if it might be something in my house causing interference (those mains plug-in wireless network extender things perhaps?), but streaming from the SurfLink Media works fine, so it can’t be that.

Regarding the Halo, my 3-series trial ends mid-May, and the Halo is supposed to appear here in the UK at the end of April, so I may well wait for that.

Many thanks.

Regarding the TV, any TV equipped with Bluetooth should work, or a BT adapter could possibly be used. Anyway, I’m fully confident that Starkey will produce something that will work with a TV in due course.

I was told the Surflink media will work much better than the media for streaming because has a stronger signal (I think that’s the correct term). The media is designed for a larger area, the mobile is designed for smaller area. That could be the issue.

Yes, I see what you mean. It is mains powered and clearly has a much stronger signal, however I’m disappointed that the signal from the SL Mobile is so weak. Even with me keeping very still and the iPhone, SL Mobile and hearing aids all within 1ft of each other, it makes no difference. That, I don’t understand.

How about a longer cable so you can be farther away from device? There are longer streaming cables for the Surflink mobile, and charge and stream Y cables on eBay.

When my audi updated my Surflink Mobile’s firmware from 1.4 to 2.0 AND made one of my 4 programs dedicated to the Surflink Mobile, the audio quality was greatly improved.

How did you perform a hard reset?