Starkey Surflink Mobile – I can now charge and stream at the same time

I found this guy on ebay who was trying to figure out how to charge and stream his wireless Bluetooth audio device. After looking at his ad and seeing that he offered a return policy, I decided to try it with my Surflink Mobile and it works! I can now charge and stream with my Surflink Mobile at the same time. Totally worth the $50 plus shipping cost.

I know a lot of people have been trying to do this; it looks like he only has 2 more left as of today. Here is the link if anyone is interested.

I can’t believe Starkey doesn’t give you the cables to charge the Surflink while you are using it. Oticon gives you the cables needed to charge their Streamers while on the computer or you can use the charger while watching TV and these come with the unit when you buy it.

I agree. I asked this very question to Starkey to which they replied that the current model is their “first generation” model and didn’t include a cable that allows you to charge and stream at the same time. That’s all he would say. That tells me that maybe the next generation will have this feature. But what about all the people who have the first generation model and how long will it take. And who wants to shell out several hundred more dollars for another streamer.

Forgot to mention that you can charge and stream wirelessly at the same time, you just can’t charge and stream using the audio jack for your source at the same time. Unless you get the cable I was able to find on Ebay.

I showed a friend of mine who has a Surflink the cables that came with my Oticon Streamer for charging and he either went to Fry’s Electronics or online and bought a cable that lets him charge and use his Surflink at the same time while at work. I don’t know if you have had other issues with your Surfling but my friend has had a lot of problems with his Surflink since finally getting it after a year of waiting and is now on his third one since October. I think I would call Starkey and ask them to pay a portion of the $50 you spent since they should of provided it when you bought it.

Did your friend find cables that worked? I tried 3 other cables before I finally found one that worked.

My surflink works great, every once in a while it will skip/drop in one ear a little bit, but I think that’s expected. No different than other wireless devices I have used in the past.

Yes, I think he found the cable that worked at Fry’s Electronics.

Can you find out if it worked and what the specific item is so others can benefit from this. I tried three different cables that did NOT work, so I would be surprised since this has been discussed on this board before and no one seems to have found a solution. I know the one I got does in fact work.

I will ask him the next time I see him.

I would appreciate that too. The inability to charge and wire stream at the same time is a major flaw in my opinion. When I couldn’t find a cable, I ended up getting the Surflink Media for wired streaming. I find it to be a far better device for wired streaming.

I haven’t been very happy with my mobile. The bluetooth drops quite a bit when I"m on the phone and the wired streaming has very short range. The Mobile needs another interation at least, in my opinion.

Big Al - did you see the first posting? That cable works. I have it and have been using it for several days now with no issues. Great to have.

Yes, I did. Thanks for posting it.

the miniTek and Tek can be charged while using any function. either at home or via their accessory car charger.

Will these work with Starkey Wi series though?

To find the charge/stream cable link on eBay, search eBay for Hearing Aid Charge and Stream Cable since the sale was for only one. There are more!

Uncle Larry, the best way to tell would be for me to get a hold of an original Starkey Wi streaming cable. If it’s not the same, I could duplicate it for charging/streaming.

Or, I could send you a streaming only cable, I am just about to put longer replacement streaming only cables on eBay. You test it and we’ll all know.

I’ll ask my audi if she has one I can test.

Any plan to make a shorter version of this cable? When I wire the surflink to my mp3 player, i keep them in the same pocket or case and would do the same if that were to include the portable charger containing 2 18650 lithium cells. I would find the extra wire a bit of a nuisance.

I bought one of these on ebay and used some new 18650 batteries though you can source them from a laptop battery that had some bad cells. Very cheap and has a little flashlight, too.

I would be glad to make a shorter cable. Just tell me how long you would like each of the three sections and I’ll be glad to make it. Or, you could purchase the cable from me on eBay and send me an eBay message with the lengths and I’ll make it the same day, test it and ship it. My eBay handle is the same: radio_davio