Starkey Surflink Mobile 2 Help please

Hoping someone can help… have Starkey CIC Muse aids and have just purchased a Surflink Mobile 2 to go with them, but they don’t seem to be recognised on the Surflink Mobile 2.

I have the Surflink Mini Mobile device and both aids are working on that ok. Do I therefore need to remove the aids from the Mini Mobile before I can pair with the Mobile 2? If so how do I do this?

Thanks for your help in advance


You were the subject of a conversation on how to give you help where we have limited knowledge of your problem. That exacerbated by weekend absences.

I shared the concern others expressed – limited help knowledge. With luck @rasmus_braun will show up. He a guru one the subject of hardware and sure to have a definitive answer.

I can tell you generally that many aid accessories can be paired by the user. But, there is a rather unfriendly way where the device must be paired by the clinic. You may need to see the audiologist to get it paired properly. It is done using the software that does the other configuring. It is a method that seems to be done less and less but…

Thanks for getting back to me, I kinda figured that I may have to ask my audiologist to help set it up.

I’ll give him a buzz next week to see what I need to do.

Stop back and share how it went. Maybe more info here by then.

While at your audi, who will have to pair the Surflink Mobile with the HAs, ask to have one if your programs to be the dedicated Surflink program. The quality of audio with the dedicated program is FAR superior than your standard hearing program (if you can spare one).

Also, if you use the Surflink as much as I do, you might want a cable that allows you to charge and stream the Surflink at the same time, check eBay and Amazon. The Surflink only comes separate streaming and charging cables.

Good luck!