Starkey Soundlens frequent repair


Hi. I bought Starkey soundlens IICs about 24 months ago. I care for them well, opening them and cleaning them gently nightly and changing wax guards with a more thourough cleaning weekly. I follow instructions carefully, i don’t get them wet, I don’t use lotions and I treat them very delicately.

I have been disappointed and am curious whether anyone else has the same problems.

They fit well and work well when working. However I have had to send them in literally every 2 months for repair…either one or both.

The major problem has been a failure in the microphone or chip…the sound plays at startup but no external sound comes through. This has happened to each hearing aid at different times.

I just received my HAs back from Starkey a few weeks ago and I already have problems. My current problem is with the chip or speaker, with loud static crackling and popping in one ear. I literally can’t keep them in.

To be without my HAs every two months while they are being repaired is unacceptable. The fact that it is repetitive and happens in both devices seems to suggest it is a material problem.

Has anyone else had similar problems with soundlens?



Hi there…I had a very similar experience with my soundless. Over the first 15 months it just died for no apparent reason 4 or 5 times. I was really getting upset about it, and was all geared up to have a tough conversation with my Audi about replacing the very expensive jelly bean with something else, then finally the 5th repair/ rebuild seems to have sorted it out, and it’s now been going for 6 month without failure. I’ve has Oticon iic and cic aids before, with only 1 repair over a cumulative 12 year period, so would certainly think twice about a Sarkey aid next time round. I’m migrating myself to RICs at the moment, though both types have their distinct advantages. Good luck with yours…



Thanks. I’ll be staying away from Starkey on my next device if I don’t see improvement in the near future.

Looking across reviews Starkey seems to have the most repair problems, and they seem to mirror mine.