Starkey Software Inspire 4.1 wanted

I have a Starkey S9. Can any kind soul lead me where I could download the software for my self programming?

Sometimes when you post a request Heresomeone will email you. They can do the same here but they may not be watching this topic.

How you doing with the starkey S9 ? Im doing ok with them… just having a few issue in noise!! perhaps these are not the right aids for noise or group outtings! still testing.

I’m using a Starkey Destiny and recently bought a hipro box, but can’t seem to find the Starkey software anywhere. The manufacturer is no help at all, anyone have any ideas?

What has your audio told you about this issue?
Maybe needs more adjustment.

Probably it does. Any idea if it’s giving you anything near a flat frequency-response curve? When it does, a lot of strange problems disappear …

Hint: Audio SweepGen + open-type headphones + a bit of imagination on how to position the pads.

Since your audie can’t get inside your head, you’ll have to guide him-her depending on what you find. You do one ear at a time of course, removing the battery on the opposite one, if they communicate.

Its a lot faster than, “how do ‘voices’ sound now” and “is the ‘music’ any better since the last time”?

Yes, surprisingly, it runs, not only on MS Windows, but also GNU/Linux and Wine.