Starkey series iq11

I recently began wearing the above named hearing aids… I am looking to make this hearing aid bluetooth compatible. I am not entirely clear on this. All I would need is a DAI adapter? and then pair it to the cell phone? I am not sure if the audiologist would have to change settings in the aid, or pair it in her office while accessing my program settings? can this be done without the audiologist?

also Ive discovered that some cell phones work with telecoil but I not entirely sure that this means I can just pair the phone with my hearing aid. One phone for example is sprint’s HTC Arrive which says this This handset has a HAC rating of M3 for hearing aids operating in the acoustic mode. This handset has a HAC rating of T3 for hearing aids operating in the telecoil mode. This phone has been tested and rated for use with hearing aids for some of the wireless technologies that it uses. Would this mean I could take this phone and id be able to pair it with the hearing aid? Sorry I am not well versed in what these things mean or require and I wanted to do my research and possibly just do it on my own before going to my audiologist

I assume you mean you have S Series iQ 11 hearing aids. If they have telecoils you may be able to find a third party device to add Bluetooth capabilities. The S Series iQ 11 was replaced last fall by the X Series 110.

The S Series i! 11 aids were the same as the older version of the Wi Series i110, but without the wireless capabilities. The X Series 110 is the same as the newer Wi Series i110, but without wireless.

Starkey currently only has a remote conteol (Surflink Remote) and a streaming box (Surflink Media) for the Wi Series aids. It is expected that their Bluetooth device for these aids (Surflink Mobile?) will be introduced in late May 2012.

The cell phone HAC (hearing aid compatibility) rating have nothing to do with Bluetooth. They rate how well a given phone works with a hearing aid’s microphone or T-Coil. You do not say what style of aids you have. Here is some information from the RIC Operations Manual about cellular phone compatibility: (bold formatting added)

DISCLAIMER – Some hearing aid users have reported a buzzing sound in their hearing aids when they are using cell phones, indicating that the cell phone and hearing aid may not be compatible. According to the ANSI C63.19 standard (ANSI C63.19-2006 American National Standard Methods of Measurement of Compatibility Between Wireless Communications Devices and Hearing Aids), the compatibility of a particular hearing aid and cell phone can be predicted by adding the rating for the hearing aid immunity to the rating for the cell phone emissions. For example, the sum of a hearing aid rating of 2 (M2) and a telephone rating of 3 (M3) would result in a combined rating of 5. Any combined rating that equals at least 5 would provide “normal use”; a combined rating of 6 or greater would indicate “excellent performance.”

The immunity of this hearing aid is at least M2 / T2. The equipment performance measurements, categories and system classifications are based upon the best information available but cannot guarantee that all users will be satisfied.

NOTE: The performance of individual hearing aids may vary with individual cell phones. Therefore, please try this hearing aid with your cell phone or, if you are purchasing a new phone, be sure to try it with your hearing aid prior to purchase. For additional guidance, please ask your cell phone provider for the booklet entitled “Hearing Aid Compatibility with Digital Wireless Cell Phones.”