Starkey S11

I am suggested to get Starkey S11 BTE or CIC. Currently, I am using Starkey CIC (don’t know which model as it was redone) and comfortable with CIC.
I am quoted price of $5700.00 for two. Is it good price or I can get it cheaper? If someone can share.
My audiogram:
AC 85 75 70 30
BC 95 90 90 70

Sounds fairly reasonable for that quality of system. If you go RIC (I’m not sure if you meant true BTE or simply something that sits on the ear like a RIC) then you can also get wireless technology too, which is proving to be hugely successful. If you stay with CIC, that isn’t an option.

Price depends on the market, in Florida where there are more hearing aid centers than McDonalds, the price can be pretty cheap simply because of the insane competition. In other parts of the country the price can be higher.

From what I know of pricing, that sounds like a reasonable price. Probably not the very best you could get, and certainly not towards the expensive end either. So for that quality of aid, I’d say that’s good.

If I were you though, I would trial the RIC first with the Wi technology, and if you can’t live with the shape, switch to the CIC. There should be no cost to do that if you are dealing with a good outfit.

Thanks for quick reply. I checked the online price and some stores are offering starkey S11 bte for 1899.00 and that is what surprised me with the price differances. I can ask my dispenser and see if he can come up with some better price. Only differance is local dispenser is easy to get the service and fittings with if there are any issue vs. online stores is - they will program it and send to you.
I once tried Audina CIC from internet store and they had local dispenser so I can go to him for fitting and any issue for one year and I saved good amount on that aids. any suggestions?

Hi bikey - not sure what kind of place is offering them at 1899.00 each but i can almost assure you that there is a catch somewhere there. I’ve seen prices from all over the country and $5700.00 for the pair is pretty normal.

The reason some online stores are offering the aids for so cheap is because they are not authorized by Starkey. So you are in effect buying the piece of plastic, no service, no programming, no test, no back up, no warranty, no adjustments (and even if they are, Starkey aids, like most other premium brands need to be adjusted in your ears, not at some store and then mailed to you).

So by stripping all the professional services, and back up from the package, the aids by themselves may well cost less.

And like ZCT pointed out, Any Starkey aids purchased online do not come with a valid warranty.

I had a recent patient (elderly woman) who’s son was trying to be helpful and save his mom some money. Bought Starkey aids online, which were actually some sort of stolen property??? When she needed them repaired she came to me. They can’t be repaired because Starkey will (and should) confiscate them and I can’t knowingly service them.

Her son meant well, but they ended up having to buy new aids anyway :frowning:

Starkey is one of the few manufacturers that does not endorse the online selling of their instruments and they are usually stolen or counterfeit. Trust me, I’ve seen counterfeit Siemens and Resound instruments, and you would have a VERY hard time spotting them.

dr. amy

Wow ! I didn’t know all the counterfit and fake HA from online. Thanks for sharing.

Just purchased this hearing aid, what is your opinion? Mine were $1500 which included free test 3 yr warranty, trade in/up/down for 30 days no charge, 3 month tuning no charge. grant