Starkey S Series 7 CIC


I have had my Starkey S Series 7 now since the Sept. '10 - CIC’s in both ears. I had moderate-severe loss then and now I am progressing to severe loss in both ears in the last couple of years. From the get-go I have had numerous issues with these CIC aids which was suprising as my prior aids were Widex and Oticon and I did not have as many issues. My main issues is that the receiver and the mic go dead every few months like clock work in either aid and the performance and power seems to be very inconsistent, good on some days awful on others. Due to the fact that these break down so often without any indication, this distrubs my life immensely as I have severe hearing loss and needs those aids to get on with life. I am now at the point where I am going to purchase a pair of back-up aids as I had to lose 2 days of work with the recent break-down last week and my biggest fear is to be away on vacation and them go dead on me. What I am looking for is the smallest aid with the most power for severe loss and I work in an office enviroment so soft speech is a big deal for me as is good telephone sound - these are 2 components that I am not getting from the Starkey aids but they make a crying baby or screaming kids unbearable to be around with. Another thing is going to the movies, some parts are way too loud and other parts I cannot make out the dialogue.
Does anyone here have any suggestions or am I a lost cause? :confused::frowning:

Check out the Sonic Bliss…they have a Power CIC option and the speech processor in it is great!

Many thanks Dr. Kristin. Are these available in Canada? Is there any others you suggest?

I’d also suggest looking into a Jodi Vac. They have a consumer model now, and it helps you keep the microphones and receivers free of wax (major problem with CICs and the cause of most repairs).

What about a RIC solution? Why are you not considering that?

I am willing to consider anything - do you think a RIC would be better? I have had only use CICs in the past so I am not familiar with the RIC but I at this point, I will try anything - any kind you can recommend for severe loss but comes in the smallest size? I work in an office and therefore need to hear in very quiet settings.