Starkey RIC hearing aids

Hi All:
I started wearing hearing aids in may of this year. I presently have starkey cic destiny 800s . I am having nothing but problems. They have been remade 3 times. I have moderate to severe high frequency hearing loss and moderate low loss. I have allegies and I really have a hard time with occlusion. They remade these hearing aids the second time with a very large vent and ended up drilling it out. Then I got sores in both ears and they determined I had movement and the hearing aid was rubbing, so they remade them again. I still have problems. My ears ache-- and I feel like the hearing aid grow during the day. By mid day they get pretty uncomfortable. Has anyone tried the starkey receiver in the canal hearing aid.Do you think I would benefit by changing to this model. Thanks

i would think so…
For a reason starkey doesnt seem to be the frontrunner in this area
i would try Resound pulse or Azure, Phonak Audeo or Oticon delta or epoq they all have good products…

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I agree with xbuilder. Try the pulse or if you are tight on funds, try the pulse lite.

the pulse is a really cool looking aid…