Starkey Prices to the Government for HA's

Yes, it’s called “socialized medicine”.

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The problem with that is that, like it or not, the free market subsidizes some other parts of the market. Once the free market pays the fixed costs, a company only has to meet its variable costs, in order to sell additional units at a profit. That’s why companies will sell some generic versions of their products at a much lower cost when they have extra production resources. The light bill has already been paid, so to speak, so why not keep the line running, cover the variable costs, and make more crackers, cookies, etc. and sell them to secondary outlets.

But, if you look at those sales and try to run the whole company on that, they would have to go up on price to cover fixed costs.

Take Sonova for example. Their 2010/11 revenue was 1,617 (million swiss francs) and their operating profit was 271. So all their expenses amount to around 1,346. So that’s what you have to play with. If you reduce revenue to be lower than your costs, something has to get cut (research, marketing costs like brouchures, training, field reps, salaries)

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Well that would depend. Post aural aids tend to have more features as standard, custom products have plenty of options that are optional.

I guess that my argument is that you have not gotten close to the wholesale price. I know for a fact that wholesale prices to private clinics, and even sizable franchises are nothing close to these numbers. This is the price you get if you are the government and buy 290,000+ hearing aids a year. Gonna get you more than a little volume discount. Not to mention that the largest hearing aid company in the US is going to want to be seen to be helping veterans, even if margins are tiny.

Run me any scenario you like. You can readily find out the costs of advertising, premises, utility bills etc. Just call your local paper and ask them what a newspaper ad costs these days. It’s insane.

Consider that hearing aids are a very low volume item too. A proper hearing consultation can easily take two hours, so that’s a maximum of four sales opportunities in a typical work day, needing the time to fit them and service existing patients. Not to mention the time needed to run a clinic.

Only if you believe there is any reasonable correlation between VA cost prices and private clinic cost prices.

Well it’s hard to know what will happen. I guess more competition will help keep the prices down. Of course keep in mind the reality of the Sam’s / Walmart kind of business model is they move into an area, accept all kinds of local government tax breaks and incentives because they are job creators right? Then once they have bankrupted the local mom and pop stores, they can put their prices up. If the local government wants to tax them, they can threaten to close down and set up in the next town over.

And once they are the only player in town, do you think they will be all warm and fuzzy with their low prices?

Check out the above listed documentary, or others like it.

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He didn’t have a HOH related question… he was just showing off that he found the VA/Starkey price list and then thinking he could leverage it in getting a price break.