Starkey power plus BTE 13 2400 – how much does it cost?

I got proposed to use this specific powerful Starkey’s BTE:
Starkey Power Plus BTE 2400 tech level, 13 battery size.

It’s not immediately ready to be sold yet here where I live (Italy) – I got told very likely that will be on the market from mid-January and early February, based on Starkey promotion during conferences. In other countries it has been sold for a year or so now and given this information and especially given the delay, I was hoping that someone here could tell what’s the full price of this specific hearing aids with this level of technology. The provider didn’t anticipate the price yet. I expect it to be around 4200/4300 euros per hearing aid, which would be the highest ever I’d ever paid for hearing aids. I’m eligible for some “bonus” given that I’ve a certain % of disability, still it’s really high.

It should be similarly priced to any other premium hearing aid. I’m in the US so don’t know what Italian market is like, but Starkey hearing aids sell for about the same as other top of the line hearing aids do. - Check this out. Evolv AI 2400 RIC R - Rechargeable

2 websites for online purchasing. Make a comparison and exchange rate. Understanding the technical problem and fine-tuning. Anything you want to know, ask for advice at this Forum. A lot of master/teachers to help you.