Starkey Patient Database

Having a problem installing the Patient Database on my computer, get the Message: The following components were not installed:
-Microsoft Sync Support
-Microsoft DatabaseProviders
The following component failed to install:
-PatientBase Database

The Starkey Inspire is installed and working.

What does the database do?
I assume it allows me to Keep my settings recorded anything else?

It launches/runs Inspire for you.

Windows 10?

I don’t know if it matters but which did you install first, Inspire or PatientDatabase?

It works for me on Windows 10;

  1. Run Starkey Setup 17.0.10339.0.exe (accept standard defaults)
  2. Run PatientBase Setup 15.0.386.0.exe

You get this shortcut/Logo on your desktop;

Windows 7
Got the database program first but it wouldn’t begin installing unless Inspire was installed first.
After Inspire installed and is working I tried to install the database several times but it will never finish installing.

Maybe Windows 7 is the problem. Have to work on that

Just tried reinstalling database.

Microsoft Sync Support
Microsoft Database Providers
PatientBase Database

Is what it says it will install 15.0.386.0.EXE

Didn’t finish

Not working for Linux Mint when trying to put my audi chart.

Probably would work in Windows 10 but the Inspire works in 7

I think it is complaining that Microsoft Sync Framework is not installed in Windows 7.

I am NOT recommending that you install Microsoft Sync Framework.

If it was me I would get Windows 10 Pro. It’s a great OS. I believe you can do this for Free if your jump through the correct hoops first.

I have a copy of windows 10 on disk but my wife uses my computer also and is adverse to change. Don’t want to confuse her anymore Hahaha.
It did install NET Framework 4.6.1 as you can see amongst other MS installs

At one time it complained that it needs 7 SP1, I thought I had SP1 installed will look into that.

I have a question…are u able to get the Starkey download so u can program ur hearing aids without going to the audi ?? if so where is it available. Thanks

I would suggest reading this post first. How to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY]
It has all the information.

My Windows 7 is the problem as was suggested, it complains about not having Service Pack 1 installed even though it is installed. Next step install windows 10 or ged a laptop with windows 10.
I am envisioning sitting around the dining table full of people and adjusting the HAs in a real listening environment and saving this setting in one of the programs. What do you think?

It’s not as dramatic as the sugar plums dancing around in your head. It’s more like a considerable amount of work to make a few small adjustments and then then give your brain a week or two to see if it helps you hear better.

Thanks pvc , I’m also wondering if I’m expecting too much, wi’ll see.

If you have an audiogram take a look at Tip#2 / Hearing Tracker Tips / Forum Support Category.

After installed Microsoft NET Framework, the PC informs it that it needs to be restarted, you much to restart the PC and run “PatientBase Setup 15.0.386.0.exe” again, it will be installed smoothly.

mengixs, are you running Windows 7? PatientBase Setup 15.0.386.0.exe Just didn’t work for me. As you can see by my insert, Microsoft NET Framework is now installed but still no luck. As a matter of fact I removed the Starkey Setup 17.0.10339.0.exe and tried to reinstall it and now get the same error message that SP1 is needed.
My Windows 7 is professional N SP1 64-bit
Was able to install the Setup 17.0.10339.0.exe on another Windows 7 system but no luck with PatientBase Setup.

My PC runing Windows 10, no Windows 7.
I noticed that you installed Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1, and when I run PatientBase Setup 15.0.386.0.exe, it invited me that need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP.

Interesting observation. My system installed Net Framework 4.61 during the Inspire v2017.1 installation. By attempting to install the patientBase it complains of not having SP1 and stops there.

But then you run Windows 10

I realize this is an old thread, but I am just trying to get started programming my Starkey Z series. I have the Surlink wireless programmer and have installed the latest version of Inspire. However, I can’t seem to get PatientBase to install. It seems to be failing on the last part which is the SQL server installation and I can’t figure out why. My system is running Windows 10 Pro 64bit version 1809. I get the following error window image and the log file shows the following.
Verifying file integrity of C:\Users\Peter\AppData\Local\Temp\VSD16A4.tmp\SQLExpress 2008\SQLEXPR_x86_ENU.exe

WinVerifyTrust returned 0

File trusted


Process exited with code -532462766

Status of package ‘PatientBase Database’ after install is ‘InstallFailed’

I have even tried running this command from an elevated command prompt, but it just silently returns and I do not see the SQL service as being installed.

Has anyone else had success with this on Windows 10? I am stuck.