Starkey Muse iQ i1000 hearing aids $1200.00

These are Brand New unused straight from factory Pair of Starkey Muse iQ i1000 BTE 13 HI power hearing aids with the size 13 battery they are good for over a week each for most people Cheap @ Costco 48 battery’s for under $9.00

These are replacements for my Rexton aids that went bad. I got tired of waiting for the insurance company and bought A set myself out of pocket. These have a full Warranty LOSS/DAMAGE/REPAIR good till 8/22/22!
the warranty alone is worth over $1000 on pair
These list for $2300 each!!

With spare battery’s Case,etc. I will include a Surflink Paradigm Model 200 Media Streamer [$200] and Starkey SurfLink Paradigm Advanced Remote Control Model 100 for Starkey Hearing Aids [$250]with them If I do not have to haggle pricing that is already a give away.