Starkey Model Number SA TW1O

Greetings! Total newbie here. Long time moderately hearing impaired. Just picked up a new pair of what I believe are Wi i110s; I think I need some more tweaking as I am not liking these as much as my 6 year old Oticons. My aids are CIC which is all I have ever had. I know there is an adjustment period…
My question is this: I received a warranty card with my hearing aids; the model number is SA TW1O. Do any of you know if this is the model number for Wi 110’s? I just want to make sure I got the instruments I paid for… I’ve read some posts here that make me think some fitting pros hang out here so I am hoping someone can confirm that I got the right stuff.
Also, I am planning on getting the SurfLink deal when I save up some more pennies; mostly for using with my cell phone for calls and streaming music. I know these are pretty new; can anyone comment on if it’s worth the several hundred $$$?

Thanks in advance