Starkey Livio Edge AI 2400 ITC experience?

I bought one of these in the last few months because I wanted the direct Bluetooth streaming and the rechargeable battery. I had a Picasso before this and was happy with the sound and performance, but streaming was a hassle and I do it a lot. To be honest, I have yet to find that any of the new exciting programs and features they have come up with, whether for wind, or auditoriums etc. really seem to do much in the way of helping me hear better, personally. Perhaps they help in some types of loss?

I have not been happy with the sound and “features” on this new aid, and wondered what others thought. I have been wearing aid(s) for 15 years and experienced SSHL on my left side 4-5 years ago. I don’t have any speech recognition on that side, but it does pick up higher frequencies, so wearing an aid in that ear is useless.

I am finding that loud noises can cause “crackling” (for want of a better word) or “clipping” in this aid. I had the audiologist adjust a couple of times, but it didn’t seem to make any difference.

I also would like to have a program to boost the streaming volume a bit and cut the microphone completely. I had a program like that on my Picasso, but my audiologist either doesn’t understand or can’t seem to manage this. Really, I would like a “normal” program and a “streaming” program, but again I seem to be having issues getting this happening.

I do have a Noahlink wireless and the Inspire software, so I guess I may have to dive in and try to get these things fixed myself. Does anyone know if the streaming volume can be boosted in a program? I assume it must be able to, as when I turn off the microphone in the app (in lieu of the program I want), the streaming volume inexplicably drops, which is annoying.

I’m pretty sure you should be able to increase volume for streaming using the programming software. I don’t know Starkey’s software, but you’ll likely need to unlink the different programs to have changes affect just the streaming.

Maybe I misunderstood your question Microfiche but I had the Livio Edge AI 2400 ITC for a couple of weeks so that’s why I respond.

If you go into the software “Thrive” you have you HA’s programm for “Stream Boost”. Over there you can go to the 4th icon on the bottom. Over there you can adjust the “Microphon Volume”.
I thought when you move the slider over there to the outer left the Microphon Volume is off. I cannot confirm/ try it out at the moment as I returned the Livio, awaiting the new Evolv AI.

Furthermore I was very happy with the much better streamed sound quality of music in comparance to my old Resound Linx BTE’s.

Thanks Emile. Yes, the streaming quality is great. And yes, I can (to some extent) go into the Thrive software every time I stream and make those adjustments. I actually use the mute button rather than the volume control. However, it seems to me that it would me MUCH easier if I could simply tap my aid, and move to a “streaming” program that had all these settings pre-preprogrammed.

I have Livio Edge’s, looks like you and Emile figured it out using the Thrive app. And yes I agree, I want to be able to set it once, not have to adjust it Every. Single. Time.

Please, in the Thrive app, on the bottom row tap the very right hand icon, then About, and then Send Feedback, and tell Starkey you want this feature added!

Oh yeah, I see what you mean. And out of your response I also understand that it is not possible to programm it on the HA with the Noahlink. Think it would be a nice feature as I stream a lot of music also.
As malbert suggests maybe feedback to Starkey in the app could be helpfull, I’ll do so. Thanks for the advice.