Starkey Livio AI worth the hype?


I don’t care about all the bells and whistles. I just want to know if I will hear better than my current Sarkey CICs which offer very little improvement. I’m also looking at Phonak And the Oticon 1


Don’t know about the AI but in the past, the biggest improvement for people has been the directional microphones. A CIC does not have enough room on the faceplate to use the directional technology. Some have tried to put directional mics on a small faceplate but there has to be a certain distance between mics to be effective and the faceplate of a CIC just does not have enough real estate to do that. Of course the CIC does better use the Pinna Focusing effect of the out ear but to hear better in noise, the directional mics generally give the most help.


Thanks for the reply. I now realize I don’t need the AI part of the hearing aid. Even my audiologist says it’s just a high priced ($2000) step counter, heart rate monitor brain score tracker etc. I like the over the ear concept and it makes sense that it’s easier to cram more circuitry in when you have a bigger space to do so.