Starkey Livio AI 2400: Is It Worth Its Cost?

I’ve wanted to ask this question for the last day or so. Did forum search and Google search for the Starkey Livio AI 2400 hearing aid, couldn’t find anyone that’s wearing or has tried the Livio AI. Does anyone have it or tried it? Is it everything it’s been advertised to be? Is it worth the price?

Due to hearing loss in one ear. I need to get the best hearing aid for my remaining nerve damaged ear, but I can hear with a hearing aid. I haven’t tried a BiCros because I need the bluetooth. Phonak’s don’t have it. My last hearing aids I bought in 2017 are Oticon OPN 2 and I can hear with them, but they are too quiet. I tried to have them re-programmed last week (not where I bought them), at the audiologist where my new ENT is. I knew I would have to pay a fee to have this done, but the audiologist said there’s no difference between my hearing test in 2018 and now in my left ear and wouldn’t make any adjustments, nor would she update the software version stating there wasn’t any difference between the version 4 and 6.1 software. Uh, wrong. There’s that Hearing Fitness part of the app and if I want to use a ConnectClip, I can’t use it on version 4. She seemed hurried and rude. I’ve decided to go back where I bought them tomorrow to have them cleaned and update/do any re-programming.

I will add I’ve been able to get a free 2 week trial of a Phonak Marvel M90 aid. The battery version last week and rechargeable this week so I can trial Roger Select for work. The tech is different between the OPN and Marvel aid (plus the Marvel is two years newer), but my OPN’s have a bass 2 vent dome and there is a bass power double dome on the M90 so that may also be part of the difference. The M90 are way better for me and speech recognition is better. Before I commit, I want to make sure I’m making the best choice for me.

I have the Muse IQ i2400’s They are the best I have ever worn. I mostly like using the streaming addons i Have several hooked to TV’s in family room and bedroom. I walk in the room and bingo I here the TV loud and clear no mater what volume they have the TV set to. When others are doing other things I shut off the volume and I hear everything and they do not even know the TV is on.Great at night. I looked at the Livio’s but wanted the streaming setup.

Well realistically only you can answer what’s best for you. I would check the trial period because a lot of stares mandate how long the trial period should be but a lot of audis make it sound like they’re doing you a favor regarding trial periods. You were right walking out of the first place. You’re not doing them a favor. Even though your hearing may not have changed updated software is usually better. Trial the heck out of the new aids. Put yourself in different situations. Write down your results. Because realistically only you can determine whether new aids are better. You might also enquire about trying a different brand if aids because all aids are not the same. I’m lucky. My audi let’s me trial as many as I want. They should all be like that.

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I have had the Levio AI 2400 for almost 5 months now. I can’t address if they are worth the cost because I got them through the VA but I am very happy with them. I have been wearing aids for over ten years and these are great. Before I got them I was having trouble understanding speech to the point that I tried to advoid conversation as much as I could. I could not understand my granddaughter. My wife had to repeat almost everthing she said sometimes 2 or three times before I got it. Also watching TV had become almost impossible because even with the sound alway the way up I couldn’t understand what was being said.

After the new aids I can now understand my wife and my granddaughter so much better I seldom have to ask them to repeat what they said. I have to attend meetings at least once a months for training purposes in a room that is very much not a good place for hearing. I can hear better now than before but the VA provided me with the Starkey remote+ to use and it has been great to use easy to connect and works great. They also provided me with a Starkey TV streaming device and it makes TV listening to and understanding even better. We attend a large church It has a very large 40ft high cealing and large stone arches hardwood and tile floors and hardwood pews not a good place for sound but I am able to hear the pastor and other speakers with my aids. I do mute them for the music because it is so loud. With my old aids I could not understand anything that was said in church now I can and it’s great.

As I mentioned I did not pay for them. Would I buy them myself if I had to yes I would. They are expensive but they are so much better for me. I am sure other brands are great also.

Now that I have the new aids I hear and understand so much better than before.
I use a iphone7 with my aids and have done all of the recent iphone updates and have not had any issues after each update. I did not even have to repair the aids to my phone after any update and I get all notices in the aids that I want and none that I don’t want they have been a great experience for me. I hope I have answered some of your concurns.

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The Starkeys are not objectively better or worse than the Phonak Marvel M90 you’re trialing. If you like how they help you hear and your fitter is willing to work with you, go with the Phonaks. If you do purchase them, make sure you’re happy with them before the return period expires. If you’re not happy with the Phonaks, try something different. Don’t overthink and get hung up on wanting the “best.”


My wife trialed the Starkey Livio AI2400 hearing aids. The Bluetooth had many issues even after updates. Her speech understanding was pretty good, she expected better.
She then trialed the Costco KS9 aids. They turned out much better and bought them.
I suspect the Starkey fitter was not that good. The Starkey aids were also more than twice as expensive. The KS9 aids were a no brainer decision.
Try as many aids as possible. Also try as many different fitters as possible.
The aids are more alike than the fitters.
Good luck


@hass5744 I definitely agree with you. You would think all hearing aid centers would have trial pair of the HA’s they sell, but that’s not always the case. Connect Hearing in the states allows a free trial of Phonak hearing aids for 2 weeks and that’s what I’m doing now with the Phonak M90. Hearing aids are a lot of money, so you want to make the decision that works for you.

Thank you @Grandpaw! This exactly wanted to know. If it’s worth it to you even if you wiuld have had to pay for the aids yourself, then it might be worth it for me to see if I can get a trial to see if they are the best for me. I appreciate your opinion and your honesty.

@MDB I can tell you that between the OPN2 that I’ve had for a few years compared to the M90, there is a definite difference. When I bought my OPN’s I had hearing in my right ear and I didn’t need to wear my aids all the time. The aids enhanced my hearing and understanding speech, so then, they were fine. Now that I lost my better hearing ear to SSHL last month, every thing in the left aid is quiet and sounds distant. I can hear with them, but my brain is working harder to understand what a person is saying. The M90 aid I’m trialing for my left ear is almost like I didn’t lose the hearing in my right ear. People don’t sound like they are in a tunnel and the clarity is better.

The last time, I didn’t trial the Oticon’s only the Phonak Audeo B70’s I think they were. At the time, I got caught up in the OPN hype. It was my husband that mentioned at some point that he thought I heard and understood better with the Phonak’s. Also I live very close to Warrenville, IL where the US office of Phonak/Sonova is. I want to trial Starkey just to make sure I may not find that they may improve upon how I’m hearing.

@Raudrive Good point about the fitters. I should know that. Great ideas!

The KS9’s are from what I understand Phonak Marvels with less features rebranded for Costco. They are very affordable and decent hearing aids too. I’ve suggested my husband go to Costco, get a hearing test and trial them around the store. However, he was in the Air Force during the Vietnam era which is where he developed tinnitus. So he’s going to try the VA and Costco aids don’t have a tinnitus solution.


raudrive: tell your husband to not hesitate to go to the VA they have contracts with the top six hearing aid manafactures and will provide the one they deem the best for him and they only use the premium level aids from whoever the choose. My experience withthe VA has been very good.

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your welcome debbie_o

Any thoughts on the battery life of the Starkey Livio AI 2400? Do you use any of the gee whiz stuff?

I get about 3-3-1/2 days with alot of streaming TV&music about 5 with little to know streaming I have not been using the health app features much recently.

Thanks. What battery size are you using?

I use 312 batteries i am glad I didn’t get rechargables i get tired of all the recharagble devices and I don’t have tp worry about my aids losing charge when I’m out somewhere I just make sure I have freash batteries in when I am going to be away from the house.