Starkey launch event live now

Watch here: Starkey Hearing - Starkey Virtual Launch Event | Facebook

So far we have a mask mode for the Livio AI in edge mode and a new Livio form factor … rechargeable BTE.

I covered more here:

Here’s the press release:

Ill be watching this with interest since I just started a Livio Edge AI 2400 trial a few days ago.

Is this an announcement for new features or just an official launch of what we already know?

I have the Livio 2400’s (not AI) for a few months now. I’m curious about this too.

I have the Starkey Livio Edge 2400 AI. I love the edge feature. I have had great experience with them. There is a lot to like and a few things that need work.


So does the (black) in-ear part of the BTE connect to the BTE part of BTE with wires or wireless or what? Not just a tube I assume. Just wondering if both parts are active, if both need charging, etc.

I wonder if they are putting mics in the ear as well? Not familiar with this form factor.

My take is the black device with the gold charging contacts is a Custom ITE. The BTE is just shown without tubing and mold. Pretty confident from other Starkey stuff I’ve seen.

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