Starkey Kinnect W40 NHS

Hi All,

Has anyone got any experience of the Starkey Kinnect W40 HAs issued by the NHS?

I have the opportunity to exchange my Oticon Synergy Spirit mini BTEs 312 for the above. I believe they take a 13 battery.

The reason is that I enquired about streaming accessories and they suggested these as they’re Made for iPhone and have an app, TruLink which offered direct connectivity.

I understand that they’re a bit bigger. I do like the size of the Oticons that I have.

Any input would be appreciated.

My friend has them. She loves them. She wore Oticon NHS HAs before and had the opportunity to swap.

These are them. She loves to pimp her HAs. There not that big!

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Thanks very much indeed.

The size isn’t a deal breaker. I was more concerned with the width underneath a helmet. I think I’m correct in saying they’re a 13 battery?

Looking at the supply chain catalogue, the Oticon were introduced 2014 and the Starkey 2017, so I’d imagine they’re a newer generation.

Wasn’t able to find many reviews online so just wanted a bit of input.

My main concern was quality in terms of sound, although the MFI features are a bonus.

Thanks again.

How often do you get the opportunity to swap NHS aids, is there a set period, 3 or 5 years?

I don’t think it’s set in stone. Probably on the basis of clinical need or when devices are life expired.

I’ve read that it’s 3 years or so. Obviously they wouldn’t be able to cope with people chopping and changing.

I was simply enquiring as to whether I could purchase a streamer and these were suggested as an alternative.

Perhaps contacting your audiology department would yield the definitive answer.

Thanks. I’m due to be called by audiology for my 3 yearly assessment soon, so I will enquire then.

She says they are a harsh sound compared to the Oticons but after a while, she got used to sound. She can hear well in Noise.

Yes they are size 13 battery.

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I have had them for about 18 months now. They are very successful for speech and make a big difference in conversations and meetings, though the ‘cocktail party’ is still a challenge. The iPhone control is very useful if a bit ‘beta’. The main annoyance is that for me they are useless for listening to classical music. They shift the frequency down about 30 cents, even when the audiologist switches off the frequency shift settings. It sounds poor but tolerable when listening to streaming (iTunes etc) but when listening to or playing live music, there is an audible clash between the sounds heard live and those heard through the HAs. I switch them off for music. My hearing loss is standard old age (80), quite good up to 1 KHz then rolling off rapidly, 60 db down at 3 KHz, so I hear vowels well but not consonants.

They are very good for use with the iPhone for calls, putting the sound right in your head. It is frustrating that they cannot, as far as I can see, be paired directly with a Mac to hear sound from the computer directly. With the plethora of online Zoom, Hangouts, Teams etc meetings at the moment this would be very useful. Does anyone know how this can be done?


I believe the Kinnect is only ‘MFi’ so I don’t think you’ll be able to connect them to a Mac but not 100% sure.

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Looks like it. I wondered if there was an intermediate device (like the ConnectClip for Oticon that ‘translated’ between a computer and the iPhone.

That’s the only downside. There isn’t a streamer / device to use to connect to other things. :-/