Starkey Inspire - did it get GENESIS AI support?

It may be early days but I hear that some have received the new Genesis AI hearing aid. I keep checking if there is any update for GenesisAi but nothing.

Maybe the software gets access by region?
individual audiologists received separate software from them personally.

Although I don’t have it yet, I just want to check the specifications and how my hearing fits in the new hearing aids. To i see what has changed since the Evolv series.

Here’s a link to → How to read DIY School PDF files

Read (01 Free Hearing Aid Fitting Software) for how to setup Starkey Pro Fit.

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This thread should help.

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I’m located in Germany and had Inspire 2022 installed on PC.
And since to date the Genesis AI hearing aids still only available in USA , for me the download for Pro Fit were not advertised in Inspire.
This is how i managed to get the Pro Fit software:

  1. Downloaded and installed the newest Patientbase
  2. Installed new Inspire X 2023 Update via Inspire Updater
  3. Start Inspire X and got to Settings and change the region to USA
  4. close Inspire X
  5. started VPN service to connect to a server in region USA
  6. started Inspire and got the invitation link for downloading Pro Fit
  7. downloaded Pro Fit

I think that you are saying that outside the USA you do not get the popup notification to install Starkey Pro Fit. Is that correct? Tip; You can click the image below to enlarge. And also, did you install Starkey Inspire 2023.1 first?

ETA: btw> the links in the images above are not clickable because it’s an image. But they are clickable in the DIY School PDF file (01 Free Hearing Aid Fitting Software). Also, I will attempt further testing.

I did some more testing. Yep, when you install Starkey Inspire 2023 and Starkey Patient Database from a non USA location, you will not get the popup notification for installing Starkey Pro Fit.

But the solution is simple. Install (Starkey Pro Fit) manually as the third step. You can get it from the usual hidden software request procedure.

I will update DIY School (01 Free Hearing Aid Fitting Software ) to include this information. Thanks.

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did you have to install Noah 4.0? I installed it, but I see that it is a trial version.
Starkey PRO FIT does not want to start without login to Noah. Can it be avoided or did I do something wrong?

No, you don’t need the Noah database !
please delete the Noah software from PC

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ETA: Important: Always run PatientBase, not the fitting software.
Never/ever use Noah (currently Noah 4).


Thank you. By the way, I received an update for Pro Fit today, but I’m from Europe/Croatia. . The Inspire settings had the US/New York region set and I suspect that’s why I got the Profit update.