Starkey Inspire / cables

I’m considering to self-programming my HA,
I’ve found a NoahLink programmer at 400$.

My problem is that I miss the Inspire software, and the cable to connect the NoahLink to my Xino i110.

Have anyone suggestion? How can I find the cables? Can I buy the Inspire software and what is the costs?

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There is a Starkey Inspire 2013 software for sale in ebay. Software is $150 dollars.
Link is :

I have the same question.
I have Starkey Soundlens, want to do selfprogramming. I need cable and software (“Inspire”?)
Have anyone ideas? Where can I find or buy it. I will be grateful for any help.
Sorry, for my bad english.The link is already obsolete, unfortunately.

Starkey has the software at

You will also need the PatientBase database to save sessions.

Many thanks for your links.
I installed the program. Everything works. Maybe someone knows where to buy a cable and its exact name. It appeared a problem - I can’t find it.

Can you describe the cable? Maybe I could make one.

Purple cables with orange connectors/adaptors - think oompa-loompas. :wink:

look here:

What aids do you have? See

Thanks to all. Very good and useful links.
Probably, orange flex strip is necessary (I have Starkey SoundLens IIC)
Only a problem, where to buy?

There is more… forgive for a silly question…
My audiologist tuned to me the device with a long flex strip and there was nothing between the device and HIPRO anymore. But on the picture according to your links the strip short also connects to some tool. What is it?

I have found them on eBay.
Actually, I have a pair of strips I do not need. Do you need cables too?

I can put this on eBay if you need them.

Yes, strips are necessary to me. Let’s agree, write me the personal message.

Thanks you both for this valuable exchange. I have installed Inspire from the indicated URL

I have starkey Z 110 and i need Orange Flex Strip + cable and anything to connect to PC . Do you have this ?

Thanks you

I still have the cables & strips. I was unable to make a deal with Natta since I cannot ship to their country. I will send you a PM later today.

Thanks for the information in this thread!

I have Specsavers rebranded Starkey S-series and I never was able to ascertain exactly what type without these charts.

I hope the Patientbase finally removes the necessity for a serial for NOAH or ProHear (or HearPro, I forgot which one :slight_smile: )!

After that it comes down to checking whether those CAS44 straight cables are working for Starkey S-series or whether I should rewire them. (I wonder where that thread is that discusses this.)

You got me motivated again to hack those hearing aids!

You still can’t hack the Specsavers ones unless you have their own software, they aren’t generically accessible unless you can get the specsavers codes/software key.

That’s a setback…

Would you expect that also to be the case for the Specsavers rebranded Bernafon Cronos 9’s?

Because I’ve been reprogramming these both with Specsavers software (v.19) and Bernafon’s (v.20). Or are they an exception?

I’m 95% sure that the Starkey stuff won’t work: from an experience we had in the shop about a year ago. There may not be the same issue with the Bernafon gear if it’s not locked down.

If you have access to the Specsavers Starkey platform though, you should be able to program them. Usually it’s just a case of the right unlock codes to open up the right model directory within the software.

I have received nothing

Do you have the cables strip and device to connnect to PC USB ?