Starkey - Industrial Noise program

I am working with my audiologist on different programs. One of the reasons I chose the Wii110 is my job requires that I perform in a wide range of environments.

  1. Typical office environment with many people on the phone, several conversations going on at the same time.

  2. Conference meetings with a high percentage having internet conferencing component.

  3. Taking clients out to eat in restaurant environments.

  4. Noisy industrial settings where I am straining to pick out conversation over industrial noise. This one is quite critical for me as I need to understand what the client says as they are explaining the issues that they called me in to solve.

The Soundpoint program has a reasonable mild facsimile of what I encounter. However there is no speech component like there is with the restaurant program.

How can I tune these aids to extract what the technology can deliver?

Can I as a patient contact Starkey directly and work with them on this issue?

My audi is a little out of his league on this one and I am OK with that as he has the mindset to learn and work with me.

Also there is the matter of hearing protection, plant safety regs require I use protection. In the past, I used disposable foam plugs. RIC makes this a bit interesting and I will be experimenting with this and ANC ear muffs.

Any and all comments welcomed. Especially you; ZCT :wink:

I have found that the ability of the Wi 110s to automatically adapt to different environments exceptional. The only time I ever switch from the default program 1 is when listening to music. The machine noise algorithm considers some of the music I listen to as noise so I have it disabled on the music program. From noisy resturaunts to noisy manufacturing facilities to quiet conversation, mine perform great in the default program.

If it were me fitting you, my inclination would be to start with two programs/memories and try to get those right first. If they were not adequate, maybe I add a third.

One would be for normal use in day to day life, and the ‘normal’ default on memory one would be a good starting point.

Two I’d like to set up for noisy environments. There are several defaults the hearing professional can choose from, but I’d want to max out machine noise filter and max the Voice IQ2 system on this program. Make sure you have some dynamic directional, perhaps with full roll off on that same program.

The great thing about multi memory is you can effectively design up to four different hearing aids in one. And while these aids are very smart, if you can give them a heads up by switching to a program appropriate for the environment, they have even more information to make you happy.

If you have a noisy environment memory setting in memory 2, you are effectively giving the aid heads up that it needs to go far more aggressively to cut noise for you.

As for the whole ear plug industrialized noise thing, that’s a pain. After all, if the noise is that loud, you should be wearing hearing protection, but you need to hear your clients. You have to take safety first, so as not to further damage the hearing.

Maybe you try the muff style protection that can go over your aids, so you are still protected from noise, but can hear the speech that gets past the protection better. Perhaps a hearing professional could even set up a program/memory and test it with muffs on.

Finally, I don’t think Starkey like to take direct calls from patients to answer technical questions, although I could be completely wrong on that. However, if you get your hearing professional to call in, get through to one of the audiologist trouble shooters, and then have a chat between you, your hearing pro and the audiologist on speaker phone that might be one option. Another might be to have one of their field reps come out for a meeting with you both.

What about a set of electronic Peltor muffs to give talkthrough when it’s needed? These will give around 40dB of protection, but will allow decent communication. Should be available from a gun-shop.

I am using NoiseBusters, low freq filtered out with ANC and high freq with standard isolation technology. They work better than all the firearm ear protection types I have used in the past. Have not tried the Peltors yet.

Let me think on this and get back to you later today, have to go to work.