Starkey iic synergy soundlens users reviews anyone with sloping hearingloss


Anyone with sloping hearingloss using starkey soundlens synergy iic model



I have a steep loss in both my ears. Right is a bit more profound. I have been using soundlens 2 from Nov 2015 and have been very very happy. There is a retention issue where in I need to push it back into my ear every now and then other than its just amazing. It has been a life saver for me. I have not been able to get one for my right ear as Starkey says my right ear canal is very small.


Thanks for reply one more thing , do you have vent in your hearing aid? If yes how it affected size of shell as my audiologist says vent is necessary because of near normal low frequency and it will lead to slightly bigger iic


Such a loss is tailor made for external, open fit aids. There are also more advantages to RIC type aids and they often are less visible than larger canal aids.


I don’t see any vent in my IIC. But agree with Ken. If RIC is an option please go ahead with it. My loss ranges from 40-110db, and doing alright with IICs. I am sure it is a compromise to RICs but helps a ton by being invisible.